Catholic Parishes get money from PPP

I think this is totally wrong.

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Why, if the law allows it? They have staff to pay as well. Now there are issues I have with the PPP, especially as a recipient, but this isn’t a case of someone misusing the law as written.


They are not misusing the law as written. It is just strange that you would want to ensure that the government t never tells you what to do, but they bail you out in times of trouble.

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That applies equally to all businesses. I don’t want them to tell me what to do either.

However, a one time program set up to keep businesses afloat is a bit different than changing you tax status permanently, or accepting federal funding.

Pretty much every not for profit in the country would shut their doors or suffer massive layoffs; they have no buffer of profit with which to ride out these down turns; in that sense, one could argue they need it more.


We live in unprecedented times and we need to be flexible with unprecedented solutions.


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