Catholic parishes near downtown LA?


Hi everyone,

I will be in the US and staying in downtown LA for the next two months? Can anyone recommend a catholic parish near the downtown area, hopefully accessible via public transport?

much appreciated

blessings, Joseph


I’m assuming you mean Los Angeles, CA.

I don’t know exactly where you are staying. But as far as finding parishes, there is and both of which allow you to input a zipcode and find parishes nearby.

As far as public transportation there is You’ll find a variety of transportation methods.

Hopefully you can crosscheck the bus/rail routes and parishes for times. I would be very careful to check that buses run on Sundays. Los Angles is not the most friendly place to those needing public transportation. And pay close attention to the mileage figures on your maps. Places are often much further away than you think they are.



sorry for being unclear. I’m staying in LA, California. Near Wilshire and S. Flower. (90017)

Thanks for providing the links, I’ll check them out. Thanks also for the warning about the map distances – makes me think twice about walking when something is indicated as .5 miles.



Immaculate Conception is at Ninth and Green streets, just a few blocks from Wilshire and Flower. And there is a basement chapel in one of the high rise office buildings on Flower, just north of Wilshire. There is a church on Figueroa and Adams, again not terribly far from your base. Also St. Joseph’s, 12th and Los Angeles streets.


I think you were pretty clear. It’s just I sometimes see people here type ‘LA’ when they mean Louisiana. (Of course I wouldn’t expect you would say you were staying in downtown Louisiana.)

If you have actual distances you should be good. It’s just that some visitors to the Los Angeles area don’t look at the scale of maps at all.


You’re also right next to the Metro station, which gives you more options. For example, Blessed Sacrament is near Hollywood/Highland on the red line. I don’t know of any easy way to search for churches near Metro stations, but this map might be helpful:


Thanks everyone for your help…

We were able to locate Immaculate Conception which was quite near. A good 20 minute walk from where we are staying.

The link to MTA will be very useful as we try to get around LA.

Again, much appreciated

blessings, Joseph


Oh, that wasn’t a link to MTA, it was a map of all the parishes in Los Angeles.


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