Catholic perpective on a book

hi all,
i am slowly coming back to the catholic faith and am reading books to try and help talk my family into coming back to mass as well. i am reading the book “inside the mind of unchurched harry and mary” by lee strobel and it seems to be giving some confusing information. has anyone read this book? it seems to be painting a pretty bad picture of tradition and priest without directly doing it.

Lee Strobel is a Christian writer. He’s not Catholic.
The book to which you are referring is one of his earlier works (1993). Since that time he wrote and won awards for “The Case for Christ”, “The Case for Faith” and “The Case for a Creator” though I don’t think the ‘Creator’ book won an award outside top NY seller.

The award The Case for Faith and Christ won is “The Golden Medallion: In Recognition of Excellence in Evangelical Christian Literature”

That being said, I’ve read the Case for Christ and The Case for Faith. I preferred the Christ one over the Faith one. The way he presents ‘the case’ in the Christ book flowed steadily but his Christian perspective is quite evident in certain areas. Not enough to hurt the case for Catholicism, but enough for Catholics to recognize the gaps. Still, it has come in handy in my being able to speak with other Christians about their own beliefs. The Case for Faith presentation did not flow as well so I never finished it.

If you are looking for a book to help bring your family and friends back home to Catholicism I recommend “Search and Rescue” by Patrick Madrid.

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