Catholic Perspectives on Climate Change and Population

Catholic Perspectives on Climate Change and Population…ge-population/

I am so glad to see this so well articulated!

I’m getting a “page not found” message from the link.

Is this a joke ?
As soon as I checked the list of “who we are”, some include the CHA- who supported abortion in the health care bill;
and Catholic Charities is looking at the more than 50 - organizations they currently donate to that violate Church teachings. (They previously even donated to ACORN.)


Please try this again if you couldn’t read this… I was trying to point out that this was clarifying the issue of population as it is viewed by the Catholic Church as it relates to this issue…

Please don’t reject it out of hand just because of the topic… for those who do or don’t believe that there is a man made element to climate change - this gives the values of the Catholic Church as to the value of man, created in God’s image, being paramount - and dispels the issue that to care for creation is to also promote un-Catholic values.

This from their page:
Who We Are

The Catholic Coalition on Climate Change is a membership organization drawing guidance and support from a growing list of national Catholic organizations. These include:

* From the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:
      o Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development
      o Migration and Refugee Services
* Catholic Charities USA
* Catholic Relief Services
* Catholic Health Association of the United States
* Conference of Major Superiors of Men
* National Catholic Rural Life Conference
* Franciscan Action Network
* National Council of Catholic Women
* Leadership Conference of Women Religious
* Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities
* Carmelite NGO

You find fault with all these groups?
As an aside:
I do not believe the CHA by the way ‘supported abortion’ in the health care bill - but did not agree abortion would be increased - but that in fact the health care bill would make it possible for many how now suffer and die as a result of now health care would have coverage - their direct statement can be found on their web site rather than put words (or views) in their mouths:

"CHA has a major concern on life issues. We said **there could not be any federal funding for abortions **and there had to be strong funding for maternity care, especially for vulnerable women. The bill now being considered allows people buying insurance through an exchange to use federal dollars in the form of tax credits and their own dollars to buy a policy that covers their health care. If they choose a policy with abortion coverage, then they must write a separate personal check for the cost of that coverage.

There is a requirement that the insurance companies be audited annually to assure that the payment for abortion coverage fully covers the administrative and clinical costs, that the payment is held in a separate account from other premiums, and that there are no federal dollars used.

In addition, there is a wonderful provision in the bill that provides $250 million over 10 years to pay for counseling, education, job training and housing for vulnerable women who are pregnant or parenting. Another provision provides a substantial increase in the adoption tax credit and funding for adoption assistance programs."

thank you for posting this. I have been trying to look for some information on what the Church says about the environment and especially how we address the issue of the strain of resources and population. I have spoken with some people who are for some form of population control and I find myself unsure of how to articulate the Church’s position. Basically what I am saying is if there is anything spelling out what we believe about the environment from a pro-life position. It would be helpful if there was more action in the area of the environment from Catholics. I’m not happy that most environmental groups are infected with some socialist and anti-life ideas. Not all of them do but there is some that are that way and they tend to have louder voices :(.

What a great resource; thanks for sharing that! I’m so glad to see that the Church is acting on climate change, and that (at least some) Catholics understand that acting on the call of Pope Benedict XVI and the Bishops to address climate change doesn’t have to be inherently antithetical to Church teaching. I’ll definitely be bookmarking that page!!

I think that everyone can do something but big business has to step in as well. China is the current growth factory on the planet for making cheap products. They also have a one baby policy.

And China’s coal belching factories don’t matter because cheap labor and cheap materials costs means more profits for big business.

Just my .02 c.

God bless,

I am so very glad that you found this useful… this site has a great deal of information regarding the Catholic Church teaching regarding our role as stewards AND keeping the value of humans created in God’s image… you may be interested in joining the group here on CAF - CLIMATE CHANGE - Our faith calls us to action!

I know I am striving for a balanced view - I happen to believe that our actions are having an impact and so am seeking ways that I can personally make choices that will help mitigate the impact - there are some in this group who have made very clear choices… Blessings!

I am so very glad that you found this useful too! Please consider joining the group here on CAF - CLIMATE CHANGE - Our faith calls us to action!


Thanks ed for this - I know that I am really trying to avoid products that come from China (not easy!) not only for this but recently read more about the sucides in the factories making ipads, and other electronics… Blessings


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From their Page view here

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The sad fact, by my example below…Is anyone can say they are a Catholic Organization…but be very at odds with Catholic Teachings. We saw Sr Keehan the CEO of Catholic Health Association go against our Catholic Bishops on this Health Care Law.

No matter what good she might see in obtaining Health Care…it can’t be offset with abortion. The Bishops told her this…repeatedly

Catholic Health Association is a lobbyist group …and Sr. Keehan pulls the strings.

Protect your faith…resource who is promoting what to you is a screen shot with NO Page Style picked.

Next to the Twitter T you can now see the dots links ]

When it comes to global warming, I judge by my trained meteorological observation, since I am a degreed meteorologist. The church should listen to those like me , not Al Gore.

excuse me?

So… let me see if I understand this.
It is OK to disagree with the USCCB when they speak about Climate Change, it’s potential impact on millions and millions of people around the world - but not to come to a different conclusion on health care legislature?

Can you clarify where the differences are between those who are degreed meteorologist, and scientists that are climatologists? Perhaps the difference comes from the approach to the same information? (not to imply that Al Gore is a climatologist) - but others…

Go to the links and do page source and at the bottom of the documents you will find the links…all hidden with “clear Gifs”…Or see my screen shot taken with no source…The dots links ] now show up. It would seem these pages are funded by porn sites hits.

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