Catholic Perspectives on The Master

I am looking forward to seeing this bound to be controversial film when it comes out in my country. It looks a well crafted film with good acting in it. It’s favoured by pundits as a potential Oscar winner and has been critically well recieved.

What I’m interested in seeing is how Catholics would react to the film, given that it presents a thinly veiled criticism of the founder of a certain 20th century religious group that I’d frankly rather not mention on this esteemed forum site.

Being that it’s already out in your country, has anyone seen it yet? And what are your thoughts anyway even if you haven’t. Please be as respectful as possible in discussion of it and the “religion” it criticizes.

‘The Master’ comes out in the US Sept. 21.

I don’t think this movie has much of anything directly to do with Catholicism. It is unfortunate how much pagan cults and secularism have grown.

Of cause not, I’m looking for a catholic perspective on a film that presents a critic on a specific “Religion”. In case you didn’t realise it, the film is directly based on a particular real Cult that happens to be “popular” with celebrity practitioners, that originated in the 50s.

It’s going to cause a major stir and I wouldn’t be surprised if legal action followed.

From the Catholic News Service review, it seems that the film exhibits a lack of restraint in the depiction of sexual content. The CNS rating is O (Morally Offensive).

That’s interesting. I wonder what other reviews say…

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