Catholic Philippines Celebrates New Saint

The Philippine nation celebrated on a grand scale Sunday’s canonization of its teenage martyr saint

Party!!! :slight_smile:
The news about the canonization gave me a reason to celebrate. :slight_smile:


May Our LORD Bless the Philipines with many more Saints. May HE Bless them as they rejoice in their fellow Brother as He is now a intercessor for Holy Mother Church and for the Philipines.

San Pedro Calungsod, pray for us!!!

As well as all the other 6 new saints –
St. Jacques Barthieu,
St. Giovanni Pastrionni,
St. Anna Schafer,
St. Mariane Cope,
St. Mary of Mt. Carmel,
St. Kateri Tekakwitha,



Amen to that!!


Proud Cebuano here…

but I do believe there are millions of Cebuano saints…

to all the saints canonized or not…please pray for us!

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