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I have a desire to go on a pilgrimage to either the Holy Land or to Fatima. I am thinking about going in May-June. Which pilgrimage do you recommend and what company do you recommend traveling with?

And any advice you’d like to offer relating to Catholic Pilgrimages would be great!

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My wife gave me a holy land pilgrimage with Fr. Mitch Pacwa as a birthday gift. The Lord had other ideas. My cancer relapsed and Fr. Mitch developed heart trouble. :sigh:

Nothing at all against Fatima, but I would go with the holy land, as physically and historically, there is so much more there. The scriptures will really come to life.


Thank You!

And I am so sorry about your illness. I will be praying for you and Fr. Mitch.

While I haven’t been to either of those two places, I highly recommend 206 Tours, as I went with them to World Youth Day 2016 in Kraków and was impressed with what they offered. A good number of high-profile Catholic figures use this company, as Jason Evert was on our pilgrimage and as Scott Hahn does a yearly pilgrimage to the Holy Land (Chris Stefanick also has one for next June).

Thank you. I am sustained by prayer.


Holy Land is going to be pretty hot that time of year. Better to go to Holy Land in the early spring (March-April) or in the fall. I went to Holy Land last October and let’s just say it was still quite hot, it is a desert after all. Go to Fatima instead if you want to go sometime in May-June. Also, see if you can find a local parish that is going and join their group, it will likely be cheaper and the parish usually gets some benefit from sponsoring the trip.

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Several well known Catholic speakers:

Your Diocese also has tours happening at parishes.

Oh and Lourdes

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