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Hi y’all,

I was wondering if any of you carry around a pocket Bible or New Testament with you?? And if so, which one do you carry? I prefer personally to have it on paper instead of on my phone or iPad. But, I can’t find any Catholic version specific New Testaments or Bibles that are perfectly fitted to fit in my pocket or back pocket for easy readership.

I really like the size of the Gideon New Testaments that have the Psalms and Proverbs in it with them but I am having trouble finding any copies of these around. Do any of y’all have any of these lying around or know who to contact to get a copy or two of these?

Thank y’all for your help and God bless!


Two come to mind that I would recommend…

Revised Standard Version Second Catholic Edition New Testament and Psalms. It fits in a large pocket. This is the one in the side pocket of my briefcase.

Confraternity New Testament from Scepter. Good read yet maintains some of the thees/thys/thous so if you prefer that in your Bible, I’d do that. If you want a psalter to go with it, Fr Frey’s My Daily Psalm Book is a good compliment.

I do have a personal sized full Confraternity Bible-Douay OT-new latin psalms from Catholic Book Publishing Company from 1951. It will become my portable Bible once I get the binding redone (just too fragile for travelling at the moment). The regular bonded leather RSV-2CE from Ignatius isnt pocket sized per se, but its fairly thin as far as Bibles go so travels well.

I like my confraternity bible from scepter press…

very pocket size…good binding… quite readable

I have this one also. It fits rather nicely in a pocket .

How about the New Revised Standard Version with Apocrypha: Pocket Edition by Oxford University Press in leather? This is the whole Bible, not just the NT and is 4 1/2" x 6 1/8. Oxford publishes outstanding Bibles. ISBN 9780195288315

You can get it for $27 + shipping at$encodedSearchUrl

Tim’s Catholic Bibles Blog reviewed this Bible at

For the sake of comparison, the Scepter NT only pictured above is 3x5 and is only $11 + shipping.


:thumbsup: I have both of these N.T.s and like them both. The advantage of the Ignatius RSV-2CE N.T. is that also includes the Psalms (which I use so much in prayer)! I also like the lager print size and that the Psalms are printed in single column format, the bonded leather version comes with two ribbon markers. The Scepter N.T. is the smallest of the two (3 1/4 x 5 1/4) and will fit in most pockets where as the Ignatius N.T. (6 3/4 x 4 1/2) needs a larger pocket.

I carry this one. It has 9 pt font and its single column and uncluttered. Highly recommended.

The Confraternity NT has a bold font. Even though it is small, it is easy to read.

Yeah I was pleasantly surprised when I first opened my copy of the Confraternity NT. Its hands down the easiest pocket bible to read, but it does retain some archaisms so that can be off putting for some. I grew up with the KJV tho so the Confraternity isnt much of a challenge after that.

I’m another that has this except it’s in blue.

I have several good Catholic bibles and Scripture commentaries on my smart phone. That’s the way to go nowadays.

That’s the same one I got and I agree with you. i like it a lot!

Scepter Just came out this month with a Pocket Size RSV New Testament…that is very pocket size but very readable!

Two in a synthetic leather (do not let that first word throw you - it is rather nice) and a black bonded Leather one too.

I do not know why I cannot post the pictures I myself took…but here is the website of that RSV Pocket size (it is small…fits in a normal pocket)

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