Catholic "Pocketable" Items?

I teach about genocide and atrocities, and I regularly engage in trips and professional activities that pertain to these topics. I’m starting to realize that I need to have something tangible that represents my faith that I can hang onto, touch in my pocket, etc. when dealing with these issues. I’ve thought of a rosary or rosary ring, medal, and scapular. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Crucifix. I wear one that I can pull out and handle when needed. Not a little piece of decorative jewelry, but a wooden one with a realistic corpus. There are pocket-size crucifixes which are a little larger, but personally I would be concerned about it banging around with other stuff in my pocket–or in a shirt pocket, falling out. Or you could just carry a pocket size cross.

God be with you in your work.

I wear a Saint Benedict medal.

As humans we are dependent upon things; food, clothing, books, …
As catholic believers our faith is dependent in a certain way on things; water, bread, altar, oil, …
God works thru things to reach us; fiery bush of Moses, trumpets of Israelites, ark, …

Being such, things are what we easily understand, and that is what God uses.
The sick woman touched the tassel of Jesus’ robe and was healed.
He used spit on the eyes of a blind man to heal him.

Because of this understanding of man’s need of things, enter the medals and scapulars.
In themselves, they don’t do anything. It is the faith and intention behind them that is important. Here is an example of one that was presented to a sister.

The mother of Jesus spoke to sister Catherine Laboure in 1830 with these words:
“Have a medal struck… All who wear it will receive GREAT graces; they should wear it
around the neck. GRACES will ABOUND for persons who wear it with CONFIDENCE.”

           Later Mary said, “... it must be given to the whole world and to every person.” 

During this apparition, Mary’s hands had 3 rings on each finger. Each ring gave off
rays of colored light. A few rings did not. Mary said that the lights radiating from
the rings are graces that people ASK for. The rings that didn’t radiate she said
were graces not given because they were NOT asked for.

I believe that unless we ask, she dosen’t know our need. So it is important to let her know what we need and then be confident that she will keep her word to us.

This medal is now called the miraculous medal. It is the custom to have it blessed and wear it. The medal is a gift from Mary, and is a pledge from her to those who wear it that she will obtain GREAT and ABOUNDANT graces.

The medal has a picture of Mary, Our Lady of Grace, on the front side, and we wear it as a token and sign of our belief in her promises. It is a gift, a thing which we can relate to and to remind us of her promises to us when we ask for GREAT graces.

What a wonderful mother we have.

If you don’t want to wear a saint medal around your neck (because handling them is sort of awkward that way for some people) there are lots of “coins” or pocket tokens.
For example:

 Just wish to say I enjoyed reading this statement..... Well done

The Miraclous Medal. :thumbsup:

I sometimes wear a St Gerard medal :slight_smile:

YOU :slight_smile: The best way to lead someone to Jesus and the Catholic faith is through how you act and care for your neighbors. But if you were looking for a different answer I would most definitely go with a rosary, crucifix, or prayer book. :smiley:

Brown Scapular

Wooden palm cross, sometimes called a clinging cross or a holding cross. Some of them come with a medal imbedded in it. Whatever you decide on, be sure to have a priest bless it.

One way to combine your rosary idea with the crucifix/cross idea that others have proposed would be something like a single decade rosary with large beads and a larger crucifix. This would be more substantial-feeling than a rosary ring, but less likely to tangle than a whole rosary. Lots of different examples exist, such as this one, or you could make your own.

If I were looking for a pocket item myself, I’d probably go for a smooth rock with a cross engraved in one side. I think I would find its size and weight particularly reassuring. I hope you find a good item for you. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for such wonderful suggestions! I attended a Catholic homeschooling conference recently and was introduced to another option, as well, that I thought I’d share in case it’s useful to anyone in the future.

Mother’s Crown Jewelry

I purchased a rosary bracelet that is just beautiful. They’re made with wire that stretches out and then snaps back into a circle/bracelet shape. And if they ever fail to snap back, the owner will replace the bracelet! Wonderful people and a wonderful product.

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