Catholic PodCast Recommendations

Anyone have any Catholic Podcast recommendations? Topical lectures, weekly podcasts, gregorian chants . . . whatever! I’d like to download some from itunes to listen to it while i drive.

Father John Riccardo’s podcasts are available on iTunes. They are fabulous, especially the long ones.

iPadre is very good and last time I checked there was an audio and video version and they're free. Type "catholic" in the search field in iTunes and several will come up. There's another great one called that I listen to on my iPod but I can't remember how it converts or if you get it through the iTunes store. It is about 10 minutes and consists of the readings of the day, reflection, and some music. It is from England and the music is very global so it may be French, Italian, African, etc. What I like is that it starts out with bells, chimes, maybe even a gong, like it is a call to prayer like the bells before Mass.

Catholic Ansmwers, of course.

Audio Sancto has about 400 sermons given by traditional priests. They are very good.

Cool! thanks.

Catholic Under the Hood

The Catholic Laboratory

SQPN, home to a bunch of Catholic podcasts, one stop shopping!

Here’s a link to Monsignor Charles Pope’s web site:

He has a podcast of his sermons, etc. that you can subscribe to.


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