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well as a seeker who is learning lots about the Church, I enjoy learning via podcasts and I wanted to share the ones I really have enjoyed and learnt a lot from already…

RCIA Hollywood - an amazingly indepth and conversational podcast. Basically its a recording of an RCIA class in Hollywood - can be heavy in theology and bible study, but I find it really good for the mind and the spirit to consider and learn.

The Catholic Cafe - nice discussion with again some ‘brains’ behind the religion.

Busted Halo Show - very knowledgable and very interesting podcast, even if the Fr hosting it does speak a million words a minute lol.

I’d love to hear of any other podcasts that people want to recommend?


Catholic Answers Live! Of course!!! :smiley:

The Catholics Next Door! ( Catholic couple trying to live in todays world. This is a one-hour part of a three-hour radio show. :thumbsup:

Catholic Underground ( As a computer geek, it is refreshing to hear about technology in the Catholic view. :thumbsup:

Catholic Stuff you should know! ( Title self explanatory? :thumbsup:

American Catholic Radio ( ( I am a Franciscan, so this one I always listen to. Good mix of topics in each episode. :thumbsup:

I have listened to others, and some are dry or too radical for my tastes. Hope this helps!

Peace! :gopray:

All of the above, plus the Catholic Laboratory (Science news and science history from a Catholic perspective)

It’s not a podcast, but if you are interested in learning about the Catholic faith, I highly recommend Fr. Robert Barron’s Catholicism series. It is extremely rich in information about the faith, and of the highest professional production value.

Fr. Barron also does great video commentaries on his Word on Fire website, and also offers sermon podcasts there.

thank you everyone :slight_smile:
Will investigate further!


Don’t forget EWTN’s collection:

You can subscribe to some or all of the available 'casts via iTunes and Zune Marketplace.


One of my favorites!

Also try Catholic Under the Hood, by a Franciscan. He started podcasting while still in seminary and is still going strong. Strongly recommend.

If you can’t get enough Catholic Answers, try Jimmy Akin Podcast.

I love Catholic Stuff You Should Know!

I love CAL.

But I also recommend Catholic Stuff You Should Know. Sometimes they get a little silly and sometimes they are a little too philosophical but they are young. It is a priest who is newly ordained and a transitional deacon. In Colorado trying to deal with some pretty wacky folks.

For a while they seemed to do a good podcast and then a lame one. But recently they are pretty good. When I was driving accross country I was about 45 minutes from where they are located and I was so freaking mad at a Podcast that I drove out of my way and tried to find them. They were actually out that day which is good for me because I realized later how crazy it would be if I just walked in and started ranting about a podcast they did a year ago. :smiley:

Also Fr Mike at UMD (search UMD podcasts) has excellent homilies on podcast. They are young adult oriented. Quite interesting and very Catholic. My wife follows him on instagram.

Collar Talk with Father Brady and Caleb Vogel. (you may have to go to the salt and light webpage)

And of course a plug for my best friends podcast and local radio show.

Made for More.

also to be found on Salt and Lights page.

Fr Z does a podcast now and then if you like intellectual over your head stuff.

Yes, I liked this one as well except sometimes father can get a little odd about sharing some personal ailments…

Catholic Stuff you should know! (

This one is awesome!

One of my favorites, too!

Sad to say, they just began a 6-month hiatus to let Deacon Nathan prepare for his ordination. They promised they will resume in the summer. Lots of old shows for people to catch up on, though. I love those guys! has Catholic podcasts they also talk about talk about other things of interest such as Movies, TV shows, Technology etc. Fr. Roderick Vonhögen is the Chief Executive Officer at SQPN and Fr. Jay Finelli is the Chaplain and Spiritual Advisor at SQPN. Here is the about page :slight_smile:

I listen to a lot of podcasts, some of the best I’ve come across on iTunes is:

Tim Haines Show
Catholic Answers (of course)
More Christianity by Fr. Dwight Longenecker
St. Ireneaus Ministries
The Taylor Marshall Show
The Catholic Guy with Lino Rulli

Enjoy! :thumbsup:

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