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The release of the popular iPod and other portable music players coincided with the advent of new syndication technologies on the web, thus begetting the podcast — a web feed of multimedia files (usually audio, sometimes video) that anyone can download to play on their computer or portable media player.

Anyone know of any general Catholic podcasts? I’m trying to compile a list, as well as find some good things to listen to!

By the way, I posted a call for traditionalist/orthodox Catholic podcasts in the Traditionalism section, here: . Therefore, please post “general” Catholic podcasts in this thread, and traditionalist/orthodox podcasts in the other thread.

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My favorite:

The Busted Halo Cast

I have over 2000 Catholic podcast files what are you looking for?


Not long ago I would have said “what’s a podcast?” but now I subscribe to several.
Btw, you do not need an iPod. I just got my MP3 player, up till then I listened to CA Radio & other 'casts on my PC. My brother listens to podcasts on his laptop while driving.

I’m looking for podcasts that are updated routinely – just like blogs or news sites, just in radio/audiocast form.

Examples: FSSP Audio Sancto ( or The Catholic Insider (

What kinds of files do you have? Lectures? Homilies?

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