Catholic Position on Evolution


It is interesting that proponents of evolution only quote what supports their view and nothing else. Catholics are not allowed to believe in atheistic evolution period. See the Library on this site.

Pope John Paul II spoke of theories (plural) of evolution, not just one. In Human Persons Created in the Image of God, the point was made that various theories of evolution had been rejected by the Church, including those of a neo-Darwinian provenance that deny to divine providence a truly causal role in the development of life in the universe.

The debate clearly revolves around the fact that “science” is not theistic. And the response to that is that it’s not supposed to be. Well, the Catholic Church operates by natural reason and divine knowledge. It can and does combine both and explains to believers what the two together actually means.

The Church regards divine knowledge as actual knowledge. Genesis records actual history, Adam and Eve are described as two individual people. And now comes science saying the earth is billions of years old, man had ancestors going back to fish or similar aquatic life. And why is this important? It is obvious from reading numerous posts here that some are demanding the Church recognize the “facts.” What I think is actually being demanded is that the Church allow science to dictate its interpretation of what it sees to the Church.

Jesus Christ died for all men so that sins would be forgiven. Men, not hominids. It is possible that some sort of process somewhat similar to evolution did occur but as the Church correctly points out, it is impossible to consider random mutation and natural selection alone as sufficient, God has to be involved. However, here, God is merely a footnote, an afterthought, window dressing. What is being avertised here is only atheistic, materialistic, naturalistic explanations for the origin of man. Or, to put it anther way, you, yes you reading this, are only a bag of chemicals that developed to look the way you do by lots of chance and chance dependent natural selection. God? What god? Whose god? This is science talking. You are a thing, not a person. Your individual identity is an illusion created by your selfish genes who designed you to be a walking reproduction factory.

What rubbish. God made man from the dust of the earth and woman was miraculously created from his side. If that makes you laugh, ask yourself why you are a Catholic.

God is God and He is a God of miracles, not a god created by man or a textbook.

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We’ll quote-mine Ed from now on.

“some sort of process somewhat similar to evolution did occur!”



Phil P


No, this won’t work. The biology textbook is incomplete and missing critical information. Man was created by God’s action, not random this and random that. God works infallibly in Creation.

After the Fall, Creation has suffered.

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