Catholic Prayer

Does anyone have an older prayer book that may contain a prayer to St. Thomas Aquinas or other saint, for their intecession on behalf of school administrators? Can’t find anything on the net or in my own -small- collection of prayer books.

Any help is truly appreciated.


Here are two prayers (which I’m sure are not very old) connected with St. John Baptist de la Salle, patron of teachers and educators, one of which actually mentions school administrators:

St. Thomas Aquinas seems to be known more for prayers by him rather than to him.

Thanks for the question as it got me to examine some books I bought at auction. Unfortunatly, they didn’t have what you wanted. The only thing I found was from a 1954 book for teachers.
O Mary,
by that joy with which thou taught Thy Son Jesus bless all those who have given of their time and strength to teach me.
Reward their patience by asking thy Son to be patient with them.

 May their toil be rewarded here on earth by the joy they experience in the successes and triumphs of their pupils.  May the love they showed their students be repaid by thine and thy Son's love.  May their knowledge increase on earth and attain its final fruition in the contemplation of God throughout all eternity.
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