Catholic Priest attacked in Indiana


(From the Parma Chancery)


Fr. Basil Hutsko was attacked and knocked unconscious this morning in the altar servers sacristy at his parish in Merrillville, Indiana after celebrating Liturgy. The attacker choked him and slammed his head to the ground. Fr. Basil lost consciousness. Before going unconscious Fr. Basil heard the attacker say, “This is for all the kids!” (reference to the clergy sex abuse coverage in the media.)

All clergy are now targets and need to be vigilant. However it must also be clear that Fr. Hutsko was a random target. He is NOT guilty of any sex abuse.

Fr. Hutsko is being examined in the hospital at this time.

Thank you,

Fr. Thomas J. Loya


Prayers for Father Loya that he may recover completely. May God have Mercy on our Catholic Church and protect our priests from harm due to the pedophile scandals in the Church.

Lord hear our prayers…


Fr. Loya is the messenger, Fr. Hutsko was the one attacked. Nonetheless I think it is incumbent upon us that we pray for all clergy in these troubling times.


Do you have a link to the news coverage?

Prayers for all involved.


News coverage? No offense meant but what would lead you to believe that the news media would cover this incident?

This is as much as I have found:


The news covers crimes. This would be a crime.


Exactly, any news coverage that would paint a priest in a good light is unheard of. All anti Catholic to the core.


Praying for Fr. Hutsko and his assailant.

Let’s see if the news picks up the story. I see one Fox newsperson has it on his twitter


There’s another thread about the same story that shares the link.


I see this one Byzantine priest attacked. Assailant says "This is for the Kids" referring to the abuse scandal

However, that contains only the post we have above.

Perhaps this is a very small town without a TV station or newspaper?


I belong to several Byzantine groups on Facebook and know people who attend this parish and know Father Basil. This did happen to him.

Prayers for his full recovery.


That’s ridiculous. There are positive stories of Church activities on local news all the time.


PLEASE DEAR LORD let this be a one time incident that doesn’t ever happen to any clergy again. Physical attacks of any kind on any clergy is not warranted and definitely is a crime and a sin. May Father Hutsko recover soon nd completely and may he be protected from any further physical harm in the future. Amen.


Merrillville, Indiana is not a major city but it is on the periphery of Chicago. There are an abundance of local media entities that COULD provide coverage but you would be surprised at what is not covered in the area.

It’s best to spread news like this by word of mouth, social media, alt media, etc because the corporate media has an interest in not covering it vis-a-vis abortion.


I am referring to national news, local news is different. In Ireland any good news regarding a priest doesn’t make the news because (sarcastic tone) they need to watch they don’t paint the church in any good light.

If a priest in Ireland is interviewed by our main broadcaster RTE For example they make sure he is a dissident or a “celebrity” priest that fits in with their liberal ideas.


It made the Chicago Tribune, so everyone carping about news coverage can stop and be happy now.


Unless anyone objects because it’s from Fox News.

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