"Catholic Priests Tortured to Join the Patriotic Church"


Thanks for posting, the 'Bitter Winter’s website, I have visited there before.

Curious story.

Terrible news.

Praying for our priests.

Why don’t the Priests just vacate China and go where there are shortages and where they are welcomed. At some point you have to recognize a lost cause and just walk away.

What is the problem for a priest to register and join the Patriotic Church if the Vatican recognized it?

Perhaps he doubts the wisdom of working with a government who thinks in terms like this?
" China Tells Christians to Replace Images of Jesus with Communist President"

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Thoughts and prayers with the priests concerned. Also for the lay people who belonged to that parish.

Do American Catholic priests doubt the wisdom of working with American politicians?
It looks like the Vatican and many Catholic priests are OK with registering their churches in China.

Dangers of unchecked state power.

There always has to be a balance of power in society otherwise the state takes all to the detriment of citizens and the church.

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You cannot serve God and mammon. The “Patriotic Church” is a communist political organization that determines how Chinese Catholics can practice their faith. It is unbelievable that the Catholic Church would have anything to do with it. I pray for of the oppressed Catholics in China, particularly the priests who maintain the underground Church despite the efforts of the communist government.


They are not required to become members of an American political party to act as priests in the US.

Many Catholics are also fine with abortion. Still doesn’t make it right.


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