Catholic Priests Who Won the Congressional Medal of Honor

Some are called by God to the Priesthood. There are many types of service within that vocation. One as noted elsewhere is the military chaplaincy. Here is a site that lists four Chaplains who won the Congressional Medal of Honor from WWII to the Present. All are Catholic Priests.

Fr. Cappodano if I recall correctly is a Servant of God,

Incidentally, the recently retired Chief of Chaplains for the Navy is a Catholic Priest AND a Franciscan (OFM).

Another Catholic military chaplain who won the Medal of Honor was Fr. Joseph O’Callaghan, a Jesuit.

He was chaplain on the US Navy ship USS Franklin when it was attacked by Japanese kamikaze planes on March 19, 1945, off the coast of Japan.

My late father served on one of the ships that assisted in the rescue of the Franklin, the USS Santa Fe. ‘Holy Faith’]

Fr. O’Callaghan was wounded in the leg in the early stages of the attack, but kept at his post to the end. He suffered the aftereffects of that wound till the end of his life, which * was in the 1960s.

After the war, he returned to teach at the College of the Holy Cross in Worchester, MA. And he’s buried in the Jesuit cemetery at the college.*

Yes,my personal favorite is Fr.John Houle SJ…he was doing just fine in China in the late 40s till the tolerant ones took over and then he was arrested and put into a concentration camp…after some 5 years he was released and ordered never to return…he joined the Cardinal Mindszenty foundation and produced a cheap but dynamic faithful film called .Heart of a Priest…I used to play and lecture with that film and thus got to know Fr.Houle quite well…later Father was honored by being cured of a fatal disease by a relic from Blessed Claude…thus Father was cured and Blessed Claude became St.Claude ,it took 300 years for that needed third miracle and so on Feb.15 it is now a feast day for this great saint who himself was beaten by the tolerant ones in England for practicing his faith…may we be worthy of their sacrifices and at least attend a local school board meeting and express our concerns,or a town board meeting or even…shocking,write a letter to the editor of a paper defending our nation and church…this will take guts tho and consequences will occure…the street where I live has not been re-surfaced for over 20 years in retaliation by the local polliticos for my stands…have a nice day…

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