Catholic Pro-Life Group's New Ad: Abortion is the Enemy of Hope

Washington, DC – A Catholic pro-life group has launched a new television advertising campaign aimed squarely at the political message Barack Obama used to capture the White House. Fidelis, which sponsors the popular CatholicVote web site, has a new ad saying abortion is the enemy of hope.

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Here is the commercial… absolutely brilliant!

The commercial certainly does speak volumes. But if it be shown to the hardcore prochoicer, he or she might rationalize abortion by saying, “This child would have been the next bin Laden” or something along those lines.

Still a good commercial.

God Bless.

Or, “this child would’ve been a burden to society”. . . :mad:

Yes. Please, don’t think I am prochoice or anything. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror if I supported abortion, on either a political or personal level. I’m prolife in every aspect. I was just showing how that commercial could be turned around, and I’m certain it probably already has in someones mind.

God Bless

I agree!! It is absolutely brilliant!!

I don’t think anyone with an ounce of brains could turn that around and use it otherwise…there claim would be invalid in any event. The lack of a second parent and wealth does not determine that one will be either a burden or a terrorist… To say so is grasping at straws!

It is a good argument AGAINST ABORTION!!

Oh, yes Neolithic, I totally agree! I was adding some more nonsense that these people would come up with to justify their murderous stance. Isn’t it a shame how someone will concoct anything to support their pro-choice views? Sad.

I think they could turn it around, using several figures from history: Mao, Hitler, Stalin, bin Laden, Lenin, Mussolini, Hussein, Nero, and the list goes on.

Not all of those people had a single mother, but I don’t think that was the point of the commercial.

I liked the commercial, but its a given that someone will try and turn it around.

Granted, they could try, but then the appropriate response would be to respond again…by showing the people that have succeeded and made something of their life …who came from single parent families and economic deprivation. One cancels the other.

I would personally think that someone who tried to use Mao, Hitler, Mussolini or any of the others would be looked at with disdain, disgust, and would be viewed as someone with a rather large L tattooed on their forehead…

You have to remember that A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step!

I think the ad is a brilliant first step, and if it has the impact of changing even a few minds…then it is a successful step.

I hope you’re right. When I see things like that commercial though, I always think about how the prochoice crowd - and many truly are evil, I believe - could turn it around on us.

Great ad :slight_smile: :slight_smile: !

Remember…it is not necessarily the “Pro-Choice crowd” that it is to be aimed at…the aim of the “positive images” and the “message” conveyed is targeted at the women and even men that are involved in making the decision whether or not to pursue the action. You want to influence the undecided or marginals before you aim to convert the hardcore… Its a “hearts before minds” situation…

I want to look at this as a “glass half full” situation… Every child saved is a “success story”! :slight_smile:

Good slogan!:thumbsup:
Of course there will be those who try to turn it around, but to little avail, because few parents will see their own children as the possible next bad guy. Besides, weren’t most of the cruel dictators born to intact families with plenty of money and social position? They abused their children but there were no factors to predict that before they were born, in most cases I know of.

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