Catholic/Protestant Dialogue to Air on TBN


This sounds like it may be worth watching. The DVD is also being offered for sale by a Catholic media organization which, from what I can tell, offers orthodox material (see the link below):

COMMON GROUND, a groundbreaking Protestant-Catholic Television Special consisting of a 90-min. dialogue between a Catholic priest and an Evangelical pastor will air on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), July 14, 2007 5:00 PM Eastern, 2:00 PM Pacific Time.

**COMMON GROUND: What Protestants and Catholics Can Learn From Each Other **(the full title) is a television special produced by Kensington Community Church, (Evangelical-Protestant) and approved theologically by a Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit theologian.


Does anyone, by chance, have any advance info on this?


I’ll be very interested to watch this. Just the description makes it sound like it has the potential to be really good. It would be great if it would clear up misconceptions about the catholic church, wouldn’t it? TBN has a decent sized Protestant viewing.


As a Reformed Christian, I consider TBN the Heresy Channel half the time. I will guess many others of my faith do also.

Just my humble Opinion


True enough. However, since it will be aired free this Saturday, it will be a good opportunity to view it and decide if it is worth purchasing the DVD and presenting it to acquaintances in a “TBN Free” environment.It isn’t produced by TBN, they are only airing it.


It may be your humble opinion but I’m afraid it’s rather accurate.


Just shows that Protestantism has its own theological cracks to mend.

My humble Opinion


Yeah unfortunately they’ve gone almost completely to the “name it and claim it” crowd. Which I agree is a vile heresy. Still they have a gem every now and then, late nite, at random. :cool:


You guys have your fair share of trouble too.


Hey at least we all agree on something Calvinator. :slight_smile:

TBN is pretty wacky at times, but they do have a good program or two from time to time. They also show a good movie from time to time.

God Bless

As requested some info on the video,


Well TBN just went up 1/8 of a notch in my estimation. It is still just too tacky and wierd for me to watch with any regularity (sorry but EWTN kicks TBN any day of the week).

However 5:00 pm Saturday afternoon is a terrible time for me to watch anything. I expect this program will be reaired at a different time. If anyone gets wind of a reairing (or aired say on EWTN) I would appreciate it if it were posted somewhere.


Trinity Broadcasting Network has way to many guests that don’t believe in the Trinity!

They are a very poor representation of Protestants.

I think Dr. James Kennedy is the only sound show that uses TBN anymore from what I have heard.


Well however kooky TBN may be, at least they’re showing this thing. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it’s nifty and swell and keen and neato.


Thanks Fidelis for the info. :thumbsup:


Just watched the program and it was really good. I think the priest did a really good job of explaining Catholic teaching.


I missed it. What did the priest say?


Father Riccardo is on Ave Maria radio here in the Detroit area all the tme. He has a show that he does, it’s taken from his RCIA program. He is VERY good at speaking the truth of the faith.

And yes, it was a great show.


I agree, he did a great job. I’m ordering a copy on DVD for my Mom to watch. She’s Baptist so pray y’all.



I didn’t realize this show was going to air and stumbled onto it part way through, expecting the worst. I must say I was truly amazed that a non-Catholic station would air a show with a priest discussing the True Presence, the re-presentation and sacrifice of the Mass, confession, and the saints. When asked by the Protestant minister whether he had a ‘personal relationship with Jesus’, Fr. Riccardo responded (paraphrasing) that he receives Jesus’ body and blood in his mouth each morning, so yes, Catholics have a very personal relationship with Jesus. Again, not something I would expect on TBN.

I hope they show it again so I can watch the entire show.


I watched the show on TBN last night as was blown away. I will follow that with a copy of the DVD to my protestant minister friend who has the same misconceptions about our beloved church. Sure, Sola Scriptura is a sticking point (and it’s not biblical)but if we think about it, Jesus is always right “That we may be one”. We are in fact the same. Belief in GOD, the Trinity, Sacraments (Jesus gave us the 7 in the Church). The Eucharist is the most important aspect of each daily Mass. That is truly Christ, he’s there. He would welcome anyone to see and adore him in the Monstrance at a chapel or in his body as a Catholic at communion. I’ve always respected my Protestant Brothers and Sisters (Protestant is from the root word Protest that happend 1500 years after Catholicism began with Christ at the Last Supper). Remember St. Ignatius of Antioch called to the Smyrnians in Section 8 of his letter: “Where you find Jesus Christ, There is the Catholic Church”. Written in 107 AD. The Protestant minister and Father Riccardi is right. We need to follow the Scriptures a little more and love that book in our heart and our soul like Protestants do. Celebrate your right as a Catholic and be proud. What I got out of that show is the lessons to be learned from both. We should review each person’s love of Christ and honor that love.
Blessings:thumbsup: in Jesus Christ,

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