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I use a Bible app called You Version. It is free and it has many different translations. Recently a translation called “Catholic Public Domain Version” appeared on the app. I read some chapters and it seems pretty good. Does anyone know anything about the Catholic Public Domain Version?


It was done by Ron Conte, a self professed Catholic theologian, and some of his views contradict Church teachings.
His Bible translation is not approved by the Church.


He’s actually a user on this site, here is his profile: The last time he posted was on July 3.


I know and there have been many heated arguments over some of his views.


I haven’t really spent that much time with this. Do you know of any verses where the translation is inconsistent with traditional orthodoxy?


I have not used it and won’t. His translation is not approved by the Church.
You should stick to good Catholic translations.


There aren’t that many good Catholic translations. The NAB is more of a paraphrase than a translation and rather uninspiring. The DR is archaic and hard to read. The only one I have read that I would call “good” is the RSVCE. However I have not spent much time with the Jerusalem Bible and can’t speak to it.

Do you know if the Catholic Church has positively rejected the Public Domain Version or has merely not addressed it?


He won’t put it to the Church for approval.


I believe he Did put it forward for Church approval but never got a response or something like that.


My first choice is the D-R because I like the commentary. The RSVCE is probably the most recommended one in these forums.

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"Catholic Public Domain Version" translation of the Bible
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