Catholic Punk/Rock Music

Just searching for Catholic punk/rock music anyone good like Matt Maher, Critical Mass or even like Stellar Kart
peace and blessings

Stellar Kart aren’t Catholic are they? :confused:

Anyway, Last Day is good:thumbsup: You might be interested in Seven Sorrows… I don’t know their music very well though. And Nick Alexander’s great… but I guess his style’s not really Punk/Rock.

How about you just listen to REAL punk rock?

Because there is no such THING as Catholic punk rock.

There may be bands who are Catholic and also play punk rock. There may be bands who have anti-establishment tones, and they are CERTAINLY punk rock.

But to claim they are playing “catholic punk rock” is not really PUNK ROCK.

The WHOLE ENTIRE POINT of punk rock music is to question EVERYTHING. So to claim to be a certain religious or politico faction while playing punk defeats the purpose, and exclaims you are not punk.

If you want to listen to punk – do so, but make sure your religious life is in order and give and take from what you hear.

you know what miss
first of which is I am very well aware of that because I have many friends who play “real punk” as you so put it but you seem to be insulting me for my choice of music so evidently you must take me for a idiot for even asking such a question and second of which is do you not live in the US?? Where every day people are lost to the nothingness of secularism and they choose not to question it. Catholic punk music does its best to be that question I am going to be a priest but If you knew me you could probably never think I was going to be one because I act so contrary to the stereotype that people have of religious people and I do so to show people to “question” as again you so eloquently put it that religion is not a has-been but it is something to follow I hope next time a subject like this pops up you show more love to the person asking it as Our lord Jesus Christ asks of us and third my religious life is my whole life as it should be with everybody
peace and blessings


Thank you and no Stellar kart is not catholic but we’re all Christians so its cool
peace and blessings

Drop Kick Murphys?

I checked them out they are pretty cool
peace and blessings

Goodnight – I wasn’t insulting you, I was just making a suggestion. Take it or leave it. I don’t know if you are 14 (or even older) and just getting into punk or what – so I just gave you my SOLICITED advice.

I’ve been listening to punk for over 23 years by this point, so I think I have the genre covered. I don’t like artists who rip off other people’s sounds and get away with it because they say it has a “new message.” The old message has long been alive within the blessed sacrament. I also don’t like my music with a side-car of ulterior motive. But that’s me. I am not going to get into a spitting contest with anyone over one’s own value of faith.

Peace and blessings to you too. Oh, and that’s MRS. to you punk! :rotfl: One day I’ll be glad to say “and that’s Mrs. to you, FATHER” good job on the choice of Holy Orders!

Fair enough and I am not really getting into punk I love all types of music expect most country which should be banned from the face of the earth. I really only asked the question because after I was introduced to a band called Stellar Kart I was amazed by their use of a genre to spread the word of our Lord Jesus Christ I do agree with you how some bands call themselves something but are no where near the true feeling of the genre cough…cough…FALL OUT BOY…cough…cough anyway thank you for your kind words and oh yes I am 18
Peace and blessings always

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