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Does anyone have or know of a quick reference guide that indicates what scripture verse supports Catholic positions e.g. Mary, Oral Tradition, Sacraments and son or to refute items such as OSAS, Bible only, or other misconceptions like these? I am looking for just the Scripture verses not the full quotes. Thanks

Catholic answers has this handy track

Here’s one in various formats, including for the PalmPilot, a pdf, and a doc file:

You have to scroll down the page to find it. It’s called Scriptural Cheat Sheet

… I think this has been posted before, I like the site quite a lot.

There’s a great laminated double-sided quick reference that I picked up at a Catholic bookstore. It’s called the Catholic Verse Finder, and it’s put out by San Juan Catholic Seminars out of NM.

To order call 505-327-5343 or fax 505-327-9554 (these #s are printed on the card).

Patrick Madrid has two pocket size books, Where is that in the Bible, and Where is that in Tradition, that are great. The laminated plastic charts from San Juan seminars are great, but type is too small for me.

Thank you all, these are what I was looking for and will be very helpful to me. :thumbsup:

A while ago, I happened across this file.

Then I found someone’s “Answer to the Cheat Sheet”

Because I signed up for an Apologetic’s Class, I wanted to get my reference information together, and looked for this sheet on the internet. Can’t find it. The website that I recorded goes to nothing.
I have tried repeatedly.

Hm… I smell someone found their ‘answers’ didn’t hold water!

Still, I am trying to prepare a sheet listing the common points that Protestants may point to, that I, as a Catholic, should be able to refute.

What I’m going to try very hard to do (and I know this won’t be hard, as I have done in on several occassions in the past) is to use THEIR bible to refute their claims.

I like “The Catholic Verses 95 Bible Passages that Confound Protestants” by Dave Armstrong. This is not a quick cheat sheet, but an interesting read.

I love the Bible Thumper.

Jim Burnham was one of the people who put it together. It has TONS of Catholic Verses along with the verses Protestants use to make their claim. All of it is categorized. It also has little short explanations of both views. I keep it in the back of my Bible. It is wonderful!!!

Excellent source! Also, you would do well to get (at least) Beginning Apologetics #1 from their series, (So far you won’t even have spent 10 bucks) because it covers things in greater detail.

You might also contact the Catholic Society of Evangelists, Joining them you get one pocket reference book called “What Does Scripture Say?” along with quite a few other handy tools for sharing your faith. I keep mine close to hand all the time.
Pax tecum,

I will second that… great book!!

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