Catholic Quizes


I found these while trying to find a medal. There’re a variety of them, including Early Church Challenge, Mary, Holidays, the Perfect Mass, etc. etc. Some are pretty basic and all are pretty short; about 6 questions, but they’re still fun.

Did anyone know “What’s special about Divine Mercy Sunday?” I didn’t know that!


That was good there was one answer that was given that was incorrect. Anyone notice?


No. Will you enlighten us?


Kneeling during consecration is only required in some countries?


The hardest one was Around the World, the first quiz. I only got 2 right, the ones about total Catholic population and total number of priests. All the others, I got wrong.:frowning: I don’t know much about South America or Brazil. Pittsburgh having lots of relics was a surprise to me. I don’t know much about telescopes anywhere (never had much interest in space–probably because I grew up with the original Star Wars trilogy, so the real thing was boring to me!).


Yes in a bit.


That is true. I was thinking as an American.


Was it where it says: “What is the only thing that keep you from going to Heaven?” ? Is the correct answer Unrepentant Mortal Sin?

Or, Which Sacrament leaves an indelible mark on the soul that will be seen in Heaven or Hell?


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