Catholic radio apps for iPhone, ipad, and iPod!

I was surfing the ITunes looking for Catholic apps for my Iphone when I came across this virtual rosary.

What a nice program. The program has a virutal rosary with a viewer, you tap the beads as you go, making it easy to know where you are at.

The prayer for each bead is displayed in the window, along with a Holy Picture. A bible quote is also given at the beginning of each mystery.

It is organized by days of the week. Just tap on the day and it will display the related mystery suggested. If you leave the program it will ask you if want to continue at your ending point or start new. A nice feature, because guy like me often gets confused.

It does have the Luminous Mysteries.

Go to ITunes and do a search on Holy Rosary. Great thing it only costs 2.99. Some of the best 3 dollars you’ll ever spend.

There are a couple of Catholic Apps for iPhone. I love them!

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Sounds pretty cool! You can also check out Catholic Tech Tips for reviews of various mobile apps.

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I just had my iPhone application approved by Apple yesterday and is now available. :slight_smile:
It’s a guidebook to Confession called iConfess. I included not just content on how to have a good Confession, but also a comprehensive Examination of Conscience portion on each of the Ten Commandments and other areas.
I hope it is useful. It has search and favorites tagging so that you can easily find what you need.
You can get the application from Apple iTunes here:

iConfess and iRosary are great applications. I love them and my family uses them often.

Consider also a new iphone apologetic app -

Hi All -

There are a lot of great Catholic apps out in the App Store–I plan on checking out iConfess–sounds like a great app. I, too, have a Catholic app in the store called Art Image Rosary Classic. It has been well-received and I will be updating it with a good number of new features this summer.

If anyone has an interest in checking it out you can find it at:

Thanks and God Bless!

We just released our first Catholic app for iPhone. It's a digital rosary called "Rosary Gems". It's focused on being beautiful and as easy to use as possible. It has one screen, and no settings. All the prayers are available with one click, but hopefully you have the Hail Mary memorized :)

The artwork is decidedly masculine. Many of other rosaries for iPhone (I own them all) have a more feminine aspect to them. I think the focus on design, simplicity and style with our rosary has an appeal which sets it apart from some of the other choices. I suppose one can't have too many rosaries, digital or otherwise.

The Daughters of St. Paul just released one called "Rosary Miracle Prayer," which is beautiful. If you head over here, you can screen shots, reviews, features, etc.

Full disclosure, I work with the Daughters, but take a look and see if it might fit the bill for what you're seeking. We like it because it's not overly feminine and there are lots of choices to personalize it and make the app your own.

Hope you like it!

Similar to the topic at hand (has to do with Catholicism and the app store): I found an app (for free) called "RC Calendar" that has the Catholic calendar with each saint's day, solemnities, liturgy of the hours, and readings for each day!

I just searched for catholic radio on apple's app store and I found 2 of'em and they are free! You igaget guys should definately check it out and maybe if posible donate a couple of bucks for the people that make this posible. :D

The monthly periodical Magnificat has recently prepared an iPhone application that includes the content in their printed periodicals. It is quite well done. If you are interested, you may find it by conducting a search in the app store under 'Magnificat'.

Trying to decide which Catholic Apps to get for my iTouch.Which are worth paying for or downloading. Reviews and recommendations please.

Catholic radio apps for iPhone, ipad, and iPod!

Rosary for Iphone

iPhone Applications

Thanks Angela.

Hi All!

I JUST got an iPod Touch yesterday (3rd Generation, 32 GB) and have been downloading some (free) Catholic-related Apps. So far I have:

Catholic Bible
Catholic "Lite" version (it gives you prayers, novenas, Mass, Station Cross and Rosary)
Catholic Trivia (yep, a game :p)
Ava Marie Radio (so far I haven't been able to listen to it b/c I don't have WiFi but I will be ordering a wireless router very soon!)
iCatholic fm. Whew!

Can anyone recommend any other good (and free!) Apps that I can add? Thanks! :)

Where did you get the catholic bible for free? I'm looking for apps like this. Any help is nice. :)

You can download a BUNCH of free .mp3 audio Catholic talks at my website:

I have compiled the most orthodox, faithful talks I could find on a variety of topics. My favorites are Dr. Peter Kreeft and Bishop Sheen. But there are many others, too, that I enjoy.

Just download 'em and copy them to your iPod. It's all free! :)

I have these and use them quit often. Enjoy your new iPod. There a re lots of good podcasts out there too.


iBreviary Pro


All Popes

Divine Mercy

RC Calendar

Radio Maria


Rosary - Mysteries of the Holy Rosary


Catholic Religion Trivia

iPieta is totally worth the $5 I paid for it--unbelievable!!!!!

Also,secular, Goodreader, free, is great and has some of Robert Hughes Benson's writings on it (as well as some of PG Wodehouse ;)) and a lot of other great stuff!!!! But if you have OS 3>>>>>> DON'T UPGRADE TO 4!!!!! Which GR requires (unless they change it), so wait to get it. OS 4.1 has issues with using at least twice as much electricity as 3.

Those two are my favorites so far :)

[quote="Garyjohn2, post:16, topic:201233"]
Where did you get the catholic bible for free? I'm looking for apps like this. Any help is nice. :)


on iTunes' search box I typed "catholic" and scrolled down to the Apps section. I clicked on it and Catholic Bible was one of the first FREE apps I noticed. It's in COLOR="Purple"]purple. HTH! :)

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