Catholic Radio for Young People?


I was wondering, has anyone ever come across a Catholic radio channel geared specifically toward young people? I’m a senior in high school, and I think it’d be awesome to find a channel that has, maybe, Christian/Catholic songs, pertinent talks for my age group, stuff like that. EWTN can be pretty good, but sometimes it’s directed at people much older than me. You can name off any radio channel anywhere; I am not restricted by location because I have an (free!) app on my iPod that allows me to get radio channels anywhere in the world. But the English language would be best.


Can’t direct you to a station or channel but I’m pretty sure there are podcasts out there for young adults. Maybe something like this from Austin Catholic New Media.

Sounds like a good idea though. The list of Catholic radio stations is growing and I’m sure dedicating a portion of their broadcasting to young adults would thrive.

Thanks! That’s a very cool site!

Johnny, thanks for helping us promote Austin Catholic New Media.

Angela we have a number of young adults who create content for ACNM that is geared towards a younger audience. Our “Two Guys, a Girl and a Catholic Podcast” is one example. We also have our “Beauty of Truth” podcast which while not particularly geared to young adults, it’s produced by two very faithful young Catholics.

Thanks everyone for supporting Catholic new media.

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