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My name is Walter. I have a booklet from the “Catholic Hour” I have kept in my library since the 1960’s. The booklet is missing the cover and back page. But in the rear it states: “Cardinal Hayes States
Purpose Of Catholic Hour”. “… March 1,1930”. The portion of the booklet I have begins with the page titled: “The Relevance Of God”. “(Address delivered on January 1,1939)” I assume it was given by Bishop Fulton Sheen. There are additional talks in the booklet.

I kept this booklet because of the “overview” of the writer/speaker expresses about the struggle against tyranny during the 1930’s. It was important to me at the time (1960’s) because of my personal spiritual struggle during the Vietnam Era. I am seeking internet access to these talks because I believe they are relevant to the extraordinary events we are experiencing in the world. I believe VERY strongly that contemporary members of the faith community need to read these talks and see what was written about the threat of tyranny to America & the world at that time. What was written then is eriely applicable to current events. I would like as many people as possible to be aware of these talks. They can draw their own conclusions. Can this community help me locate these talks online? Respectfully. Walter

Came across this for $5 at (Old Time Radio Show Catalog), but the shows on the CD are:

Church & Interracial Justice 1st Hail
Christ King Safeguarding Our Future
Light Lamps 1 Signs Of Our Times
Light Lamps 3 Philosophy Of Communism [no opening]
Light Lamps 4 Communism & The Church [2nd half]
Light Lamps 5 How To Meet Communism

Doesn’t seem to match your “Relevance of God”, though.

At Archbishop Sheen’s official site it is interesting to note under “National Council of Catholic Men (NCCM)/Our Sunday Visitor (OSV) Paperback Publications of Catholic Hour Radio Program Talks” there’s nothing to match “Address delivered on January 1, 1939”. Is it possible it wasn’t given by Sheen?

Thank you for your reply Angela.

To further the discussion I would like to expand on the information in the booklet. Before doing this I would like to establish that I am new to the entire forum and have introduced this topic at this particular forum
at the suggestion of another party. It would appear this is the appropriate venue to continue to discussion, but I am open to comments regarding my assumption.

The booklet in question also contains additional talks.
Specifically the titles are:
False Liberty 1/8/1939
True Liberty 1/15/1939
The Economic Guarantee of Human Liberty 1/22/1939
Communism, Capitalism and Property 1/29/1939
Labor & Property 2/5/1939
Liberty and the Republic 2/19/1939

Perhaps these additions will help someone establish their origin.

Please understand that I believe these talks are extremely relevant
to the rapidly changing social conditions of America. The talks were given at at time that Communism, Nazism, and Fascism threatened America and were in clear view. I suggest that America is again being threatened by these anti-American ideologies although they are not yet subject to the light of day. I strongly believe that if and when these talks a reviewed, the readers will be jolted into a realization that there are negative forces gathering and it is only a matter of time before they raise their ugly heads and confront the faith community. These talks
are very powerful and will help clarify the focus of those who believe in God and His blessing of America. Hopefully their review will contribute to the benefit of all.


Walter B.

This is the proper forum for discussing The Catholic Hour, finding past shows, writings, etc., however, if the topic ventures toward politics, then it would need to move to Politics 2009.

I’ve noticed there is a Social Group here called: Archbishop Fulton Sheen MP3 Discussion Group which appears to be the appropriate place to discuss how 1939 talks about socialism and communism may apply today.

Dear Angela,
Thank you for your suggestions.

I for one would like to listen to these talks.

Update: I have realized that at the top of each left page throughout the entire booklet is the word “Freedom”. It is reasonable to assume the booklet is of the same title although the first 4 pages and corresponding back pages are missing. The aforementioned titles are obviously talks given under the subject “Freedom”. W.

The CAF Social Group called: Archbishop Fulton Sheen MP3 Discussion Group is set up to discuss the talks of Fulton Sheen available through There were just over 200 mp3 files on that page.

The group is starting with the first talk and will be moving down the list, discussing each along the way. I encourage those who wish to participate in such discussions to join the group. :slight_smile:

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