Catholic Reader's Bible?


Does anyone know if anything like this is available in a Catholic version? It looks like it could be nice for long reading sessions, but I don’t think this ESV includes the deuterocanonicals.

There are no verse numbers or section headings, and the text is in a single-column, paragraph format. The chapter divisions have been retained and there are verse ranges at the top of each page. Seems like it could be nice.


There is only one ESV Bible that I know of that includes the Deutro-canonical books and that is one that is published by Oxford, but it has chapter headings, verse numbers, etc.


I’d recommend you check out the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) at Not only is there an electronic copy of the New American Bible, there are very important and interesting information on the books and interpretation. And it’s free! God Bless you.


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