Catholic rebel Kueng, 85, considers assisted suicide

Kueng, now 85 and suffering from Parkinson’s disease, writes in final volume of his memoirs that people have a right to “surrender” their lives to God voluntarily if illness, pain or dementia make further living unbearable. … “I do not want to live on as a shadow of myself,” the Swiss-born priest explained in the book published this week. "I also don’t want to be sent off to a nursing home … If I have to decide myself, please abide by my wish."Reuters

Should pray for this man to reject defiance in his last hours.

This is so sad. A man who has a brilliant mind who thinks this way. I think I understand where he is coming from, but who are we to know? I’m keeping him in my prayers.

We can all pray for him! He apparently has come to doubt the value of suffering. Soon, he will know the truth of it all. So, I pray for him.

This disease may very well be God’s last chance for Hans Küng to expiate for his pride and repent. I pray God uses any means possible to break through to his hardened heart and pride and that Father Küng may die in God’s friendship. In Jesus’ name.

I think his new justification for accepting euthanasia exemplifies an arrogance, lack of humility and lack of surrender that Fr. Kung exhibited in so much of his writings and positions. Instead of dying with the real dignity shown by Pope John Paul II, Kung has defined his dignity as that which is not based on being a child of God but rather his own image of his self importance that should not have to suffer the indignities of a disease such as Parkinson. Fr. Kung himself in this article defines his dignity in this manner and is the basis for his justification of euthanasia. His mind seems awash in the misplaced sympathy of modern Liberalism that defines compassion as anything that allows a person to avoid any suffering even if its suffering brought on by ones own poor choices. Suffering from Parkinsons is clearly not this case, but how many times do we hear this misplaced compassion by those who argue abortion helps a women “suffering” from pregnancy to avoid the dangers of the back-alley abortion. What drivel. And now with Fr. Kungs new support for Euthanasia its just more of the same.

I admit I have yet to suffer such indignities, but I pray that if or when confronted, I will follow the example of Blessed Pope John Paul II and allow myself to let God decide just when He wants to call me home and not have any shame in the manner in which such a disease would render my physical form or behavior. And I pray for conversion of Fr. Kung, that if he allows himself suffering , it will be that suffering that will bring him to the truth.

Hans Küng was to us for many years ever since he first time spoke und wrote officially, a very big annoyance. Pope Paul was ever so right to withdraw Küng the title catholic PRIEST. Benedict’s predecessor Johannes Paul II imposed a teaching ban on the Swiss-born Kueng in 1979, becaus his hatred speaches against the Church where terrible. And as he finally now spaks pro suicide, anyone must see, that he is a very unworthy theologian, who led so many astray and off the Church and even off belief. His eyes will be wide open when he sees Jesus Christ and the truth about the Church Jesus founded and Küng denied and fought against.
He was all his pastoral life a terrible annoyance to all Catholics and the Church!


He sure is, um… consistent. Btw, he was prohibited from teaching catholic theology, but I’m not sure his priestly faculties were ever revoked. He still taught in a university, but is not permitted characterize himself as a professor of CATHOLIC theology.

I will say that I highly prefer JPII’s lived definition of “human dignity” to Kung’s.

What does “um…” mean. I’m German and don’t know :wink:
Well, Küng was highly honored by the Free Masons. Free-Masons and Catholic Church is contrary. A membership for Catholics not allowed; see “Declaratio de associationibus massonicis” of 26th of Nov. 1983. Küng fought that declaration fiercely. In any case: Most Küng (who owns no valid teaching permission in any Catholic educational institution) taught and claimed, was and still is pure heretic and anti-Church, which he calls a misled establishment. Of course modernists adore him. But they then see “CHURCH” rather as a social institution than as what it is; Jesus Christ’s foundation for closer connection to God. And Jesus founded but one Church - the Catholic one. Named as such ever since St. James’ “Catholic Letters” (and even before that).
For many decades, true Catholics see Hans Küng’s destructing work as just as annoying and destructice and leading astray, as that of Drewermann.
Both however are adored by as well modernists as atheists.


They do see the Church as a social institution because that is how it has too frequently been acting. That is why Pope Francis wants the Church to eschew worldly culture and return to its true spiritual mission.

It’s sad when someone makes such statements as Kueng has, like “How much longer will my life be liveable in dignity”…“A scholar who can no longer read and write - what’s next?”

He’s placing a value upon reading and writing and equating that to dignity.

What of the notion that human dignity comes with life, and all it’s forms. That the absence of life encompasses nothing - a great void. I’m not talking about the beyond - I’m talking about not living - as only through life can we express dignity - dignity is a form and is related to life.

What of those who are born without sight - without the ability to write - are they without dignity? What of those born deaf and blind? Shall they also choose to euthanize themselves like those two Belgian twins because it’s too difficult? Doesn’t Kueng see the danger in what he proposes? The slippery slope he’s starting down?

Doesn’t he realize that only in life, there is hope?

No, Küng never saw any danger in his anti-Church teaching. Pope’s John-Paul II. withdraw rightly Küng’s approbation for teaching. To think that Küng was a fellow student of the later Pope Benedict XVI… It’s just terrible. The great disaster of all this is, that so many listen to Küng more than to the Church, and Küngs books always where bestsellers. He damages the Church badly :mad:


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