Catholic recreation question

What would be good examples of recreation?

I know that watching excessive television and reading bad books are definitely not. But what about watching YouTube videos like ‘‘12 types of people at school’’ and stuff like that just for a good laugh and entertainment?

Can anyone please suggest some examples of good recreation for a Catholic?

A Vatican bishop Commission on the media said, Catholics.can choose to watch, listen to or read things that do not promote and glorify sin (particularly to avoid things whose sole aim is to glorify and promote sins against chastity).

There are, within these boundaries, many good books, movies, music, sports, hobbies, computer games, music instruments, places, etc… That are good and created by God for mankind to enjoy.

Recreation for me conjures up images of canoeing, hiking, camping out. Not sitting glued to the tube, although I do it too much.
There are some good movies – check out some of the threads on this forum for good movies or books.
It depends on what you like. Maybe playing Frisbee in the park, or going on a picnic. Taking the dog for a romp at the beach. (You don’t have a dog? Why not?!!)
Painting a picture. Writing a poem or story, making up music.Knitting a sweater. Going out for lunch with friends.
Just some thoughts.


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