Catholic Reference E-Books

Peace and all good!

Does anyone know where to find Catholic reference books in downloadable electronic formats? I am thinking specifically of the CCC, dictionaries, lives of saints, encyclicals, Vatican II docs., catechetical docs., etc., etc., etc.


The Kindle takes some PDF files. Some are easy. Some are a pain.

Here’s a couple I know:

*]Free Catholic eBooks
*]His Mercy eBooks

These two sites consist mostly of writings of the saints, but there’s some other stuff as well. I’d be interested to see if there is a similar site for Church documents. There should be!


Encyclicals: Choose the appropriate Pope and you’ll see “encyclicals” as a menu choice. Or use the “search” command to find a particular document.

Documents of Vatican II:

Also see for various documents.

Here is a nice one for a FREE Catholic US MAIL Correspondence Course
Provided by Catholic Information Service ~ Knights of Columbus

You get nice booklets US mailed to you for free and or free downloads of MP3 and PDF versions too.

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