Catholic-related Apps for iOS Devices

Any catholic-related iOS that you can recommend? So far, I only have the following:

EWTN Bible, Catholic Bible (I prefer Bible apps that can be used offline)
RC Calendar


**iPieta: **the absolute wonder of all apps; has literally hundreds of dollars’ worth of books on it,

the Bible in English (Douay-Rheims) and Latin (vulgate) alone or side-by-side- or interlinearly

commentaries linked to the bible–Haydock, Catena Aurea

the readings, both OF and EF (only Gospel is linked to Bible tho)…

a multitude of prayers

*several *older catechisms and online linkage to CCC, >>on iPod, you don’t have to be connected for>> papal encyclicals, Council documents including V2, spiritual writings: Introduction to the Devout Life, The Story of a Soul, writings of St Josemaria Excriva, and way more!;

the Summa Theologica

writings of the Early Church Fathers.

And all this above is why I will stick with iPod instead of getting a different kind of little thing which I could use on our local cell phone service and just have a cheap phone for that.

BrevMeum (an old breviary that you can load several days of at a time)

Plus I have two download managers (Download Manager & Goodreader) onto which I can download MP3s of Catholic talks and homilies :slight_smile: rather than going through iTunes which is rather cumbersome but which does have some advantages so I have some through there as well :slight_smile: But just those I have listened to and decided to keep as opposed to those I want to listen to and check out before deciding to keep.

In fact, I have so many Catholic talks on my iPod that I have used up almost all my memory!

And if you run a search on iPod apps or similar, you will find a lot more recommendations as well.


I too concur that iPieta is fantastic. It is not free, but is very affordable, $3 IIRC. Probably my favorite faith app outside of the Logos app, but Logos is in a whole different league.

The app Laudete is similar to iPieta and free, but does not have quite as many resources. Furthermore, unlike iPieta, it merely has links to other sites, the Vatican etc, to pull up its material, so you need a connection.

Others I have and like are iBreviary, iMissal, and WordOnFire (yes Fr Barron’s org). I think iMissal is the only nonfree one, but it was nominal.

Thanks for suggesting IPieta. I HAVE not liked some of the catholics apps I’ve used on my Ipad, and had a look at Ipieta. Looks fantastic! :slight_smile: Bless your socks!

I love the Divine Mercy and Mary apps from the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception- both free!


Universalis has always been a favourite of mine, good app to have. Most people have mentioned iPieta and again another fan here.

To offer something just a little ‘different’, Kindle on the iPad is a great app, gives me access to a great number of Catholic books. I know Kindle have their own devices, but as we are talking iOS, it is good to remember Kindle works on iPad and iPhone and iPod, too.

I know it’s been a while but I found a really good list here:

I have a few, iMissal, Rosary Audio (there’s plenty of rosary apps out there) Catholic NAB, Confession, and for fun Catholic Quiz.

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