Catholic Relief Services Contraception

Thanks for pointing out the context. While not acceptable, I am glad they at lease took responsibility for it. If anything, we the laity and especially the bishops, need to be watching this very closely. Stuff like this is a great way to confuse and scandalize the faithful on what is and isn’t acceptable.

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It is justified by Christ’s words “when I was hungry, when I was a stranger” etc.

No one has yet posted a link to a direct quote proving that CRS hands out contraceptives. Not a “read this article and follow it to 3 other layers of articles so we get more clicks”. Just one link that proves CRS is giving out contraception. Still waiting

They didn’t give out contraception. However, they sometimes did/do partner with other organizations that did/do.

This was a major issue & scandal when they started using the Shuga program in Africa that heavily promoted condom use. Apparently, the program was approved before filming of the program was finished. CRS pre-approved it under the belief that it would be classified as an “Abstinence and Be Faithful” type program.

Unfortunately, it took 2.75 years and 3000 teens before enough people realized that the Shuga program could not be justified for use by any Catholic organization.

Medications considered “contraceptives and abortificants” can also be used to correct issues like uncontrollable bleeding!

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