Catholic Relief Services distributes abortifacients in Madagascar: on-the-ground investigation

In before people act horrified and amazed.

Once again, I’m not surprised.

If all these things I’m hearing about them are true, they will not receive one red cent from me until they clean up their act. :banghead:

Shocked,shocked I am! I just can’t believe that given their history of cooperating with organizations that distribute ABC and provide chemical abortions, that this is NOT true unfortunately.

I know they will justify it in some way…fun with numbers. But the line between CRS and the products is too direct to ignore…how sad.

The irony is that there is no lack of need that the Church can address. WHY must they partner with organizations and businesses that are the antithesis of our Catholic faith? It’s not as if every hungry child were fed or every homeless family were given shelter. The need is so great and yet resources are diverted to apparently get “bang for the buck” instead of spreading the Gospel with our Christian charity.


I hear two different things. One, that CRS is “The US Bishops’ relief agency” and the other that they are Not an official arm/agency of the Church. Which is it?

I stopped helping CRS a while back, but it’s very disturbing that CRS continues to fund CARE and is still being approved by the US bishop and in local dioceses. It sends a very confusing message to all of us that are trying to help our brethren overseas. How can we help the common good when it violates our consciences??

Here is the bishop’s website:

My personal opinion is that we need to contact the bishops and let them know we disagree. Every time I get the CRS fund requests, I write a note back on their self-addressed envelope letting them know that I don’t agree with their CARE funding.

Dissapointing to say the least.

Is anybody besides Lifesite reporting this. My experience with them in the past is that if somebody in the theater lights a match they scream FIRE into a bullhorn. I’m not joining the lynch mob until somebody corroborates.

lifesite is reporting on pri work

Thanks. I find Mosher to be a thorough investigator in the past.

I’ll bring feathers. There’s usually plenty of tar…

I think also that CRS has acknowledged that they cooperate with organizations that provide abortions, ABC, etc. However they justify this cooperation by claiming the money is segregated (that argument doesn’t work does it? Planned Parenthood uses it all the time) and none is used for these anti-Catholic activities.

So they clearly acknowledge working with the organizations. They clearly acknowledge that this has been an issue and has caused numerous complaints and inquiries.

So not just Lifesite News with a sensational headline but more an issue of whether you believe their “fun with numbers” approach successfully avoids complicity with evil. I don’t at this point and do not understand with all of the need in the world why CRS and other Catholic organizations persist in working with those who deny our closely held and most sacred teaching about life.

You know the drill…feed babies outside the womb fine…killing or preventing more of these babies you are caring for that’s fine too :confused:


Well, there was a thread some time recently showing that Cardinal Dolan basically approved these kind of things with the hospital, saying that they were on contract and that he was bound to honor it.

About HHS, Cardinal Dolan (the USCCB President) basically said that he will abide with it but under protest.

So, I believe that at least some of the US Bishops are aware of this activity of contraception and abortifacients by CRS and are complicent in it.

I often pray that the Church will stand strong against the evils of our day, and for myself as well, but many don’t accept the cross.

Different issue. The unions in NY catholic hospitals demanded that union employees be covered under a union health care plan that the diocese has no authority over. That plan covers contraceptives. The diocese caved to that union demand.

While one can criticize that decision, its not the same as CRS deciding to actively promote contraception with its own forces.

As a supporter of CRS I am tired of hearing their end justifying the means explanations. What would be a good alternative to consider making monthly donations too?

  1. Cardinal Dolan was the president of CRS until his successor was appointed recently, so I believe he is well aware of the above mentioned activity of CRS in third world countries.

To answer the previous question, I have been donating to Oblate Missions (of Mary Immaculate) headquartered in San Antonio, TX-- [Check addresses to “Oblate Missions” but you can donate online] They help and minister to the poorest of the poor around the world and they are Marian. There are a number of other orders, too, that do various mission and charity work throughout the world.

I also focus on local organizations such as our “Mother and Child” group that supports pregnant women and also moms with baby clothes, cribs, strollers etc. At least I know my donation is not going to some big organization where it could be used for anything. I realize CRS and others believe that their size gives them synergy. But they become bean counters not disciples. I am an accountant and I know how easy it is to get excited that if you just do this or that you can help X more people. But when I read Pope Emeritus Benedict’s Caritas encycllical he emphasizes that material things are not the only things people need and that we can’t just become another social services agency. We spread the love of Christ first…


I couldn’t help to notice that my local diocese has this as charitable giving guidelines:
Church teaching:
All life is sacred and must be protected. This is why we do not support or endorse individuals, companies or organizations whose activities include direct participation in or indirect support of abortion, reproductive/family planning rights, contraception, and embryonic stem cell research.

and our catechism states:

CCC 1759 “An evil action cannot be justified by reference to a good intention” (cf. St. Thomas Aquinas, Dec. praec. 6). The end does not justify the means.

And yet… the activities of CRS are approved??? I don’t understand it.

The enemy loves all this confusion…

My problem is that I believe there is too much financial charity in this country. I would like to give internationally to those who are really poor. The Oblates look like my best option.,

Would love to hear more about this. I have a fellow Parishioner who is an Oblate for a particular order. Is this what you mean?

I was thinking how ironic that CRS has ignored the essential teaching of subsidiarity in addition to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s encyclical where he states we (Catholics) are not to become simply a social services agency distributing alms to the poor like the King throwing bread crusts out of the window. We are to be face to face, hands on, or even as Pope Francis remarks, the Shepherd should smell of the sheep. We the laity have a huge role to play. Sending dollars is a way to assuage guilt or capitulate to pressure from your Parish or the Archdiocese. But not the same as direct involvement.

I realize that are we to wish to help overseas rather than in our own communities, funds are the best way. But I return to the wonderful Priest who visited our Parish and spoke of his orphanage and school in Africa. It’s not as if there are not DIRECT options for Catholics.

CRS sadly has become bean counters rather than the hands and feet of Christ


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