Catholic Relief Services insists on its fidelity to Church teaching [CWN]

The US bishops’ relief and development agency has responded to a recent "coordinated series of attacks, condemning aspects of our work, our partners, professional associations, and even …


“Coordinated series of attacks, condemning aspects of our work, our partners, professional associations, and even some of our employees,” is aggressive language for the reality that they have not been totally in fidelity to the Church and the fact they use this language feels like they still do not understand why there has been such dismay

CRS manuel in Vietnam for staff said ‘-]not forget to provide information on local condom provision/-]?’

CRS have got a video on their website promoting pro condom HIV programs in Africa which they say has reached 60000

Woman who worked for CRS rammed pro lifers with her car

CRS has received $21.8 million from the pro contraception and pro abortion Gates foundation

CRS’ top grant recipent is a promoter of condoms

The nerve of these people to associate with heathen non-Catholics in doing works of charity and mercy. Don’t they realize that they are called to develop a castle mentality of exclusion and isolationism. What do they think, that they are called to be salt and yeast? Hrrrumphhh!!!

(Sarcasm for those who were wondering)

But seriously, I do think that some past critique was appropriate and has resulted in CRS making called for changes. I also think that we as members of the body sometimes need to check our own opinions and put some trust in those who are ordained as the head of the body. It seems to me that CRS is now more sensitive to certain issues on the propriety of the use of its resources and that its response is measured and appropriate.

All points validly raised.
SEE from CRS:

"on our web site. Find responses to questions raised about CRS’ relationship to CARE, the CORE Group, MEDiCAM and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation."

Find responses to questions raised about specific members of our staff.

Find* responses to questions raised about specific documents.*

The latest LifeSite News story once again references the $5.3 million that CRS transferred to CARE in FY2010. We wish to make clear that these funds never belonged to CRS or the USCCB. The funds were given to CRS by the federal government and a private foundation to carry out a joint program with CARE, and CRS fulfilled its obligation by transferring those funds to CARE for the specified programs

Why give the funds to condom promoter CARE? There are many charities that do not promote contraception, why not give it to them? Why have the risk by giving millions of dollars to CARE that could be fungible and used to promote immoral drugs?

Melinda Gates favours depo provera. University of Washington researchers studied women in Africa and found that the use of depo provera doubled the transmission rates of HIV. 3 mechanisms were cited, hormonal contraceptives weaken the immune system and recur a woman’s ability to repel HIV infection, hormonal contraceptions cause vaginal lining to thin and develop tiny tears that increase exposure to HIV during sex, and women who are HIV positive and take hormonal contraceptives create more HIV virus making them more infectious. These drugs Melinda Gates want to give in HIV torn countries?

Gates foundation helps people with 1 hand with microfinancing etc and endanger lives with the other with promoting contraception. Should this be an organisation that CRS involves itself?

This is not an answer as to why they CRS had a manuel that said to staff in Vietnam to ‘not forget to provide information on local condom provision?’

See here:

LifeSiteNews asked CRS about the Vietnam manual last Thursday and was assured later in the day by communications director John Rivera that “CRS does not purchase, promote or distribute condoms, nor do we provide funding to other organizations for the purchase, promotion or distribution of condoms.”

“We continue to review all our publications and programs to ensure there is full compliance with this position. We thank LifeSite News for pointing out this inconsistency, which will be corrected,” he added.
The same day, CRS published a similar statement saying they were “revising” the document, and removed it from their website. They have also removed dozens of other documents with references to condoms.

As for the wisdom of associating with organizations that do not share all of our Catholic values, the bishops state:

"When these associations offer programs which run contrary to Church teachings, we do not participate. Our membership in these coalitions gives us a platform to present effective methods and procedures that demonstrate the efficacy of Catholic approaches to health and family planning. These are our opportunities to make space in the public for the Catholic viewpoint and to witness to our faith. "

Sounds acceptable to me.

Rgearding the fungibility of the grant to CARE

The HLI president noted that that CARE has made “‘reproductive health’—which typically includes contraception as well as abortion—a cornerstone of their ‘development’ strategies.” Because the revenues that CARE receives are fungible, he said, any funds given them would automatically support their whole program—including abortion lobbying and contraception

A July 17, 2012 article to which CRS promptly responded on July 27, 2012, here:

In short, the general conclusion of the HLI president was found, after investigation by CRS to be in error with respect to the specific grant provided to CARE that is at issue. It was not fungible but rather was earmarked for specific projects, with strict restrictions, that would not have been undertaken in the absence of the grant.

Weasel words. A tap dance around knowing and strategic association with organizations which do all of the forgoing - and worse.

That’s a relief, since I have been considering joining CRS.

I do not want to doubt CRS but after all that has been found I can not help but doubt their conclusion. CRS are not in CARE’s offices, how can they know 100% what they do with the grant? Why does CRS take the risk with CARE when there are many other charities

Exactly! They bear the ultimate responsibility to be good shepherds of the cash that is given to them. The evidence is both substantial, and mounting, that they have failed in this regard. Prudential judgment is clearly lacking, or has been willfully suppressed.

I know not why so many have this almost political party-like devotion to them. There are many other organizations to donate to.

As an aside, since Ken Hackett retired and Carolyn Woo took over CRS, I have begun, for the first time in decades, to receive solicitations from CARE directly, as well as from many other completely secular (i.e.abortion/contraception providing) organizations. The prima facie cause of this is that CRS is now sharing my info.

There are LOTs of liberal Catholics in the Church, including the late Cardinal of Milan, who think this way. We can guess that if we put some of our cardinals on the rack, they would be admitting that they do also. Thank God for the Africans et al.

What I would like to know is why secular, non-Catholic organizations receiving grants from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development are held to a higher standard than Catholic Relief Services:

Ralph McCloud, executive director for the CCHD said, “to work with organizations who are working against some of the things that we’re teaching, the tradition that we have — we just have no tolerance for that.”

Why does Catholic Relief Services “tolerate” giving Catholic-donated dollars to an organization like MEDiCAM, which is HELL-Bent on spreading abortions throughout Cambodia, even to the point of training nurses in how to perform abortions???

The update is about the criticisms and the responses from CRS from the past few months. I supposed it is necessary to keep this update going because there may be more people looking into CRS for answers to all of the harsh criticism that continues to spread. Everything has already been discussed here on CAF. I see no reason to rehash it. I believe the responses from CRS are sufficient.

My question is a new one. Why is CRS held to a lower standard than secular, non-Catholic entities receiving money from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development?

Actually, CRS responded to your question and a link to it is on the first page of this thread as well. It is not a new question.

For conveniece, the link provides:
CRS Home

CRS Responds to Allegations about MEDiCAM

Posted on August 16, 2012 by Jim Stipe
Recently, Catholic Relief Services was criticized for its membership in MEDiCAM because of the risk of scandal. MEDiCAM is a professional association of Cambodia-based humanitarian agencies which work in the health sector and includes programming areas such as maternal and child health, communicable and non-communicable diseases and strengthening of health systems. The association provides a platform for exchanging information and learning about the programs of each agency, as well as building the capacity of its members. It maintains a large library of technical documents, operates a health email network, publishes a monthly health newsletter and convenes working groups and special health-related events.
CRS is one of several Catholic organizations that are members of MEDiCAM, including local Church agencies and religious institutes. Almost anyone active in the health field in Cambodia belongs. Our critical work there would be hampered if we did not belong.
MEDiCAM, similar to some networks and professional associations to which CRS belongs, include organization members and program areas which do not align with all tenets of Catholic teaching. CRS staff who participate in these associations acknowledge our differences, air our disagreements on these issues, and contribute our Catholic voice to the conversation. As a member of such associations, we are able to represent the Catholic positions on health care as well as highlight our work and demonstrate the efficacy of such approaches.
It is also important to note that CRS seeks to advance the common good of the world through the uncommon excellence of our staff, partners and programs. In order to achieve this goal, it is important for our staff to engage in the community of technical excellence and expertise in their respective fields. MEDiCAM Group offers us an opportunity to improve the quality of our programming so families in Cambodia can live and thrive. In a similar vein, Catholic physicians are not prohibited from joining the American Medical Association even though there are areas of practice which violate Catholic teachings.
As with other such coalitions and working groups in which CRS participates, we see our membership in MEDiCAM as a means of demonstrating our faithfulness to Church teaching. Catholic Relief Services is the official international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community of the United States. We are motivated by the example of Jesus Christ to assist the poor and suffering in nearly 100 countries on the basis of need, without regard to race, religion or nationality

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