“Catholic” reminders in your home


It’s occurred to me that I have nothing in my home that signifies our house as a Catholic home. Just wondering how many people have Crosses, Catholic artwork or holy water fonts in their homes? What do you have in your house? Where did you get them?

I have pictures of our family in several rooms, I think Jesus should be around here too!:slight_smile:


I agree.

I’ve a crucifix in each room.
Statue, painting of Mary in my bedroom.
Small figure of the Holy Family in the living room.

Yes. It does help one stay focused!


My father in law (Lutheran) enherited a sick-box from his father who converted to Catholicism a few years before he passed. My father in law had no idea what it was, but when he found out I was going through RCIA he gave it to me. I keep that on a shelf in my dining room (it’s so awesome!! it’s from the early 1900’s with everything in tact!). For now, that’s the only thing I have. ( I also make rosaries so those are usually laying around the house, but they aren’t permanent fixtures since I gather them up and donate them to the Church every week).


I have a picture of Pope John Paul II and a painting of the crucifixion in the living room, a picture of a mural of St. Therese from our parish church in the dining room, a statue of Mary in the kitchen and a crucifix in the bedroom.

My favorite item, though, is pretty much a secret, even though it's the focal point in the living room. It's a print of the last of the Unicorn Tapestries (on display at the Cloisters museum in New York City). It is called "The Unicorn in Captivity," and it represents Christ in the Blessed Sacrament reserved in the tabernacle.


Wall 1 - Fireplace area Rembrant paining "Prodical Son", Holy Family, St. Joseph, Blessed mother holding baby Jesus, Angles.
Wall 2 - Last Supper painting, not much room for anything else
WAll 3 - unbelievable prayer corner: huge wooden crucifix, Sacred Heart of Jesus picture, Immaculate Heart of Marry picture, above crucifix is St. Peter's Basilica's picture of the gold/yellow doved, a shelf with St. Francis, St. Antholny, St. Therese of Liseaux, Divine Mercy Statue, Blessed Mother holding child, 4 full size candles, Thurifil, about 10 rosaries, picture of parish priest, bishop, holy father, and several other priests friends, then there's all the statues of angels surrounding the Blessed Mother holding the baby Jesus, a Sacred Heart of Jesus statue, infant child of Prague statue, Blessed Mother statue, above the closet door on same facing wall is a picture of the Divine Mercy.
Wall 4, adjacent in prayer corner is St. Veronica's Vail painting (real), picture of hand of God touching hand of Adam from Michael Angello's "Creation" painting and a giant rosary. scoot over the two windows and over ther 14 foot pew from our parish with kneelers are 14 vearious size and types of crosses. All surround a large San Damiano Cross. About half are from our Protestant days. Included in the entry is a crucifix we received from RCIA, Franciscan style metal cross and Our Lady of Guadalupe holy water dish. The take with all the statues on it contains shelves full of candles, 3 of my 4 volume set of the Divine Office/Liturgy of the Hours prayer books, holy water containers, and misc. religious related items, including incense for the thuribil.

That's just ht eliving room which doesn't stop there. Throughout our home every room contains sacramentals in every room, especially the individulal prayer corners in our children's room with kneelers from our pew. Our personal master bedroom looks like a Marian room, but also has several different paints of Mary, Joseph and one of the Road to Emmaus. A crucifix with last rites materials, 1 giant statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, etc.

And I'm the revert, my wife is in charge of the decour and a convert. All her idea with a bit of my input on arrangements in light of theological concepts in iconography.

There is no escape from God in our house or automobiles. He is always with us and a constant reminder for who we are and who He is.


I have my prayer corner (“home shrine”) in my bedroom, where I put all my statues and holy cards, plus a couple icons and rosaries, and in the kitchen we have a cross made of the blessed palm fronds from Palm Sunday last year. I hope we can get a holy picture or icon for the living room! :slight_smile: I think “Catholic reminders” are important.


I have a small crucifix by my bed , a crucifix, rosary and statue of Mary on the fireplace in the bedroom, a picture of the pope on the fridge and a couple of bookshelves in the sitting room have Catholic books.


color printers are great. The Rembrandt is actually made from a $5 poster and a $20 picture frame found on sale. The rest is from pure professionally developed talent rooted in my experience in preparing graphics for government meetings.


Mother Angelica refers to these items as “holy reminders”

In my foyer I have a lovely crucifix with a small table underneath where I have our Family Bible and Holy Family Statue as well as a large white candle - on this table I place our advent wreath, manger scene and Lent and Easter reminders.

I have a lovely tapestry of scripture hanging with “Rules of Our Home” and a holy water font at the front door

In the hallway is our Two Hearts enthronement picture. I display books on Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II as well as have very good catholic literature.

Crucifixes and Our Lady of Grace and St. Catherine of Siena statues in our bedrooms.

These items can all be purchased at the EWTN religious catalog as well as Leaflet Missal. There is Catholic Company and Catholic Online for more web shopping but I like to support our local Catholic bookstore, Mary’s Garden, whenever I can… our church also has a small gift shop open after masses on Sunday.

God bless!


We have a nativity scene in my living room inside one of the glass closets and one icon of Mary with baby Jesus in my parents room. I have many religious books though and the family Bible is in the living room in a very special place along with our personal bibles. (Each has one so we can read it and leave the ribbon where we are reading).


Sitting room - picture of our Lord over the TV, antique icon from Russia over the sideboard, statue of Virgin by the window on window sill. This was the property of my late mother who was given it by the nuns who ran the hospice she worked in. It’s rather immense and artistically it wouldn’t be entirely my cup of tea but it has sentimental value for me. Also in the sitting room several small triptych icons standing next to stereo and on the fire place.

In the hallway pictures of John Paul II. In my bedroom several small icons on bookcase. In my father’s bedroom strangely enough there are no pictures or icons although he is probably the most devout family member, he however hates pictures and decor on bedroom walls and likes to keep a very plain simple bedroom.


I have a few crosses and several different translations of the Bible, as well as a few ritual books for ministries in which I’m involved.

I don’t like statues and pictures, having had an overdose of those while growing up. In fact, my walls were bare for the first 25 of our 35 years of marriage. It’s only in the last ten years that paintings have gone up on my walls and there are only 4 pieces that spoke to me when I saw them. None depict people.


I'm the only Catholic in my family, so most of my reminders are in my room. I have three crucifixes of varying size (one a San Damiano I got from my parish as a graduation gift and another made from olive wood that was handmade by the Christians in Israel). I have a photograph of Pope Benedict XVI, and two prints: one of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the other of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Around the base of a statue of an angel in armor and with an incensor I have my Knights of Columbus rosary. On my bedside table I have the Catechism I got from RCIA and a Bible.

The rest of the house looks very non-Denominational. Go into my room, and "CATHOLIC" is screamed into your eye-sockets :D


I forgot to mention our bookshelf filled with several different bible translations, reference books, Jewish Tradition books and a multitude of books about and written by Saints, Biblical Geography books, etc. Also other statues that I forgot to mention of St. Francis. And in front of our house a 21/2 foot St. Francis statue in our flower bed.



I have:

a Lenox china cross in my bedroom (sooo pretty),

each of my kids has a cross in their rooms (gifts from baptism),

a crystal Celtic Cross in the family room,

a Beleek St. Brigid's cross hanging in the kitchen,

a porcelain Madonna statue that was my grandmother's in the living room,

my Grandma's holy water glass bottle on a shelf,

framed photo of my daughter on her First Communion day,

a Celtic Cross made from "sod" that we got in Ireland in the Dining Room,

A decorative plate that says "Give us this day our daily bread" on the kitchen hutch,

and a framed prayer in the bedroom, which is an Irish prayer that starts "Count your blessings instead of your crosses"goes on for a few lines...and ends with "Count on God instead of yourself."

Incidentally, I used to feel like a lot of religuos decor was really tacky, but these days, I find that there are a lot of REALLY pretty things out there! I especially like my Lenox & Bellek crosses, and I have also seen gorgeous items in the St. Patrick's Cathedral gift shop (I'm sure they have a website). I was there at the beginning of December and am kicking myself that I didn't buy a beautiful little framed Holy Family. Oh, well, next year! :)


I do have a few statues in my living room and bedroom: Mary, the Holy Family, a few angels and St Therese of Lisieux

I do have a few other items on my wall that are religious in nature and do have some Catholic books in my bookshelves.


Dear friend,let’s see what I have,a St.Benedict’s Crucifix around my neck,a Miraculosa also around my neck,five Crucifixes on the walls,two statues of Our Blessed Virgin,some pictures,a framed Latin prayer,Pater Noster,Ave Maria and Glory,a small Cross on the front door,a Sandiamo Crucifix (St.Franciskus Crucifix) on my jacket…wow,I never knew I have that much. You also asked where items like thees can be bought. I have got them on the net and from a shop and from our Church,I would say that the net is the best place. God bless.


I have a friend who is a priest. I watched him walk around inside my house for weeks before Christmas, just observing things. When Christmas Eve came he handed me a package and said, "you were the hardest person to pick out a gift for, your house is filled with so many religious items" I hung his gift in my bathroom!!!!
Another time we had a window rep. come to our house when we were remodeling, one of the first things he said to me was "your Catholic aren't you!" I asked him how he knew that, his response "there is a rosary on every end table"
But I think that the best one is what happened in our home just a couple days ago....It was -33 degrees F. I heard a knock on the door, it was a young girl who was obviously very cold, she asked me to use my phone to call the bus line who was supposed to have picked her up. I let her in and gave her the phone, as she was dialing she asked, what religion are you?... I hope your not catholic, catholics are all (insert f word) crazy. I smiled as I told her yes I am catholic......I warmed her up(literally and figuratively) as she waited for the bus.


where do they come from? wedding presents to start, then gifts through the years. My practice now is any gift I receive from parishioners stays in the parish. We live in a small mobile, no room for any more, and that includes Christmas ornaments and items.

Our wedding crucifix from in-laws stays at the front door as it has in every home we have owned, and an olivewood-mother of pearl and silver one from the Holy Land, given by Jewish friends and cherished, is always at the back door. DH's brass crucifix, his confirmation gift, always hangs in our bedroom. The kids received various things as gifts that stayed in their rooms, which they have taken with them when they move out.

When we moved last year, cutting our living space in half, I packed up almost everything and sold it at the parish garage sale and got over $500 to benefit CCD. Had a collection of icons, gave some away, sold the rest, kept only OLPH, the Trinity, and Christ the Teacher. gave away over 100 rosaries, kept one for each purse and tote bag, one by the door for my morning walk and a large knot rosary, received as a gift, over the crucifix. No statues as there is almost no surface space for such here.


Oh gosh, all over the place!

Our front office room has an icon of the Mary and baby Jesus, a photo or Pope John Paul II, a beautiful portrait of Christ...
Our family room has our big family bible on a stand in the front of the room. Our bookshelf is FILLED with Catholic books, tiny statues, etc.
Our kitchen has a portrait of the Last Supper, and a statue of St. Jude above the kitchen sink (because he's the patron of hopeless cases, and I ain't a good cook ;))...
Our kids' rooms have crucifixes on the walls, and a picture of Mary.
Our master bedroom has the beautiful St. Francis crucifix from San Domiano, a huge statue of Mary (from my grandmother), a beautiful statue of the Sacred Heart... and dozens of small prayer cards and such...

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