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I am looking for a good book that is somewhat an intro to evolution and/or a book that presents the Catholic approach to evolution. Any recommendations?

Hmmm… try this page on CAF for starters, look for the topic:

Doing a Google search “Catholic Evolution Book” yielded these: - from Our Sunday Visitor Publishing

And here’s one by Pope Benedict XVI -

For more, just browse the additional recommendations on the Amazon screens.:slight_smile:

I already saw that resource, yet it was published in the 80’s… I know a lot has come about in the world of science since then… :slight_smile:

The best place to start (even though it is older than the 80’s :wink: ) is still Humani Generis - I broke down the sections on evolution online - HERE - if you haven’t already read those sections, you ought to.

Thank you! I shall!

I recommend Communion and Stewardship. Part 69 is most relevant in that it states quite clearly that God worked infallibly, and it mentions a limit on what science can demonstrate.


I also found this site many years ago (late 90’s as far as I remember) and have watched the progress of the science over the intervening years (I am an engineer myself).

While the guy isn’t Catholic, he only strictly approaches stuff from a scientific view and some of the work can be quite technical.

I suggest reading it, as there is an interesting section on evolution in there.

In 2002, Sapientia Press, the official press of Ave Maria University in Florida, was looking for a work on evolution written by a Thomistic philosopher. My book, Origin of the Human Species, met that criteria – and so they published it in 2003. Presently, it is not in print, but is available on Amazon in the secondary market. Fortunately, a new and expanded third edition is due out any day now.

If you go to my web site at, you will see a description of the book and on the lefthand side, several complete reviews are posted. Note especially the one by Dr. Curtis Hancock that appeared in the peer reviewed Review of Metaphysics.

Briefly, my book is a Thomistic philosophical work, which evaluates the scientific literature about evolution in relation to divine revelation, with special emphasis of the literal reality of Adam and Eve. It does not rely on the claims of scientific creationism, but rather mostly deals with mainstream scientific evidence – showing that sound reason and solid science are entirely compatible with the teachings of the Magisterium about creation of the world and human origins. Moreover, it does this in a level of detail missing in most other such treatments.

The expanded third edition contains two appended articles showing (1) why Darwinian naturalistic evolution is philosophically impossible and (2) why contemporary scientific claims against a literal Adam and Eve made on behalf of paleoanthropology and molecular biology are not definitive. Our first parents’ literal reality remains entirely credible and intellectually defensible.

Dennis Bonnette, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy
(Retired, Niagara University)

Wow $120 for a new copy. :wink:

It’s got good reviews- I would love to check it out Dr. Bonnette. How soon do you think before the updated edition comes out realistically? I may want to wait for that.


My book was selling new for $16.95 before it ran out of print. Hopefully the new price will be that or not much higher. I have no control over it. Yes, good idea to wait until the new edition comes out. Catholic University of America Press will be handling distribution of it.

You ask when it will be out. It was set to go to the printer a couple weeks ago. I don’t know exactly how long it takes then to be actually published, but it should not be long.

I forgot to mention that my chapter five treats contemporary ape-language studies, which many people have found to be both useful and enlightening. True human beings are and remain essentially superior to lower primates.

Thank you for your interest.

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