Catholic ringtones - where to find them?!

I’ve seen some at places such as jivjiv, but if you are so unfortunate as to not be with the phone companies on their drop-down list (I’m with Fido), they are useless. And all the places I’ve seen have ringtones like “On Eagle’s Wings”, “Here I Am”, etc.

I’m looking specifically for “Adoro te devote”, “O salutaris ostia”, or “Tantum ergo”… It seems impossible to find even just one of them! :frowning:

What phone do you have? If it supports MP3 ringtones you could just download an MP3 file and use that. Otherwise there are ringtone converters that you should be able to use to convert a file to a format compatible with your phone. (I say should because it’s been a while since I used a file converter, and of course it depends on the phone you have)

Check what your phone can use. It’s generally .mid, .wav, .mp3 or .amr. Then upload it on the phone from the computer (you may need to buy a cable for that), converting the format if necessary. I have a Dies Irae midi on mine. :wink: If it starts sounding like Requiem, everyone knows it’s my phone.

Ooh, thank you so much!! That never even crossed my mind! Yes, I do think my phone can play MP3s. :smiley: Yay!

Does anyone know where I can pick up some Catholic ringtones for my phone?

Like Agnus Dei, Tantum ergo, other latin chants? If you have any, I would appreciate if you would share where you got them …:thumbsup:

In Christ,

I created my own with the proper software tools. I managed to extract a track from my Gregorian Melodies CD and cut a section of a chant… so now when I get a text message, I hear “Credo in unum Deum…”

I also used to have “Pater Noster” as my alarm. Right now, I have Ave Maria as my alarm on my cellphone. :smiley:

Thanks, CatholicSamuri …

Can you share what software you used??


I have just bought my first cell phone and want Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus, Christus imperat (with the tune version that is played on Vatican Radio) sung when someone calls my smartphone. Is there a free download for that? I have bought a USB and have downloaded Ringtone Maker to my smartphone and Samsung Kies to my computer to do that. Thank you for helping.


I have found a website with a rendering of Christus vincit which I would like played when someone calls my smartphone. However when I tried to download the mp3 file made by the Sevilla community from‎ Comodo warned me that it had been reported as containing malware. Has anyone got a safe download of that Christus vincit file which can be used legally as a ringtone? If so please would you send me a copy so I can use it as my ringtone? Alternatively if anyone has a safe file of the same music with the words of Christus vincit please would you please send me a copy, providing that is not illegal? I desperately want to hear Christus vincit sung whenever anyone calls my smartphone.

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