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Dear All:

I have been thinking about this for some time now, but still may not be able to phrase my comments/question quite right. Protestantism seems to have a myopic “Me and Jesus” approach to salvation. I have been trying to contrast this with the Catholic approach to salvation for the sake of insight.

Please let me know if this train of thought is correct…

At the fall of man, you don’t have an instantanious “fall of man,” you have a “falling process” that ends in our fallen state. Initially, there is Eve’s disobedience followed by her decision to share this disobedience and Adam’s decision to partake in this disobedience. Basically, there is more than one step to the fall of man, and more than one person involved in the fall of man - specifically Adam and Eve as husband and wife. Could it be said that the fall of man was a “family affair?”

Conversely, at the redemption of man, it could be said that there is a similar “family affair” going on. You have the Son’s physical martyrdom and the Mother’s spiritual martyrdom. Prior to Calvary, at the Annunciation, there is Mary’s obedience and then at the Wedding at Cana, her decision to share this obedience…

Now, if you look at an individual’s redemptive process and include the Communion of Saints… Could it be said that this is again a “family affair?” No person stands in a vacuume - everything that we learn, we learn from the human family in one form or another.

I am trying my best here, but haven’t quite said what I wanted to say. I initially thought that Catholic Salvation was more of a “team effort” or a “joint venture,” but then I listened to one of Scott Hahn’s tapes and he is big on the Covenant Family thing and that just got me thinking.

Is it accurate to say that an individual’s redemption is a family affair in the above context???



I’d say your insights were quite good. Of course, the great saints have said it before, not to make you feel badly here or anything like that. :wink:

After Vatican II the writings of the saints and the Early Church Fathers were rather neglected by the elite within Catholic circles. These people thought of these ancient, Medieval saints, even 19th century saints’ insights and writings as “quaint” and craved “new insights”. But really, the truths of the faith are ever the same and yet ever new and fresh, because they are true.

Do a bit more exploring than modern authors, as good as many of them are, into these things. You’ll find a rich treasury of insights if you only seek them out for yourself.


[quote=maesoph]Is it accurate to say that an individual’s redemption is a family affair in the above context???

In a sense, we all need “family” (community) to come to the realization of the fullness of Truth, because this Truth is not revealed to us personally, but was given to the Church collectively.

Our “family” (community) may or may not support us in our acceptance of that Truth. But, ultimately, it is up to us INDIVIDUALLY to make the decision to accept or reject this Truth.


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