Catholic scandal and Catholics who stop giving


I’ve read a bunch of posts about people saying they are curbing or eliminating donating to the Church as sort of a virtue signalling announcing their anger. But please keep in mind, certain fund raisers, Catholic Charities and social services depend on that money to help the poor and needy. I just wanted to suggest instead of stopping your giving, give it to the arms of the Church that go directly to the needy. My kids are all in Catholic school, its expensive… I know many, MANY families in our Parish that would not be able to afford the tuition without charities and grants. Generous giving goes to support the Catholic education of the next generation of Catholics. Don’t sell them short to prove a point in anger. That would be the ultimate one-two punch for evil, destroy the next generation of Catholics forming their faith as a result of the sex abuse 30 years ago. Just a thought to chew on.


I don’t think anyone is absolutely cutting off their donations, but rather making sure they go to orthodox, safe places, with proven financial management.


The only thing that I caution is that apparently the dioceses take a flat fee based on parish size. If the laity doesn’t give directly to the appeal, they still take money. Is this true?


This is why you give cash to the priest in his name. The dioceses cannot touch that. Same as if you make a laity controlled 501c(3) for a particular cause.


Yes. The diocese levies a required contribution on each parish based on different factors, including how much its parishioners gave the previous year. Whatever the shortage is comes out of the parish’s account.


I know at least 8 families that have left the school because of the scandals. 6 aren’t practicing the faith anymore. We miss them at mass. Its even worse when 2 of the families are now posting picture of how ‘happy’ they are at a local Methodist church.


That’s a step I’ll never take. I told my wife I’d never take that step, and I’m not sure about her, though.


We are one of those families. We left for several reasons, but if we had stayed in we would have certainly left between McCarrick and Pennsylvania.


Where will people that leave go to receive the Eucharist? If they really think a different denomination believes what the Catholic Church does, they are mistaken.


As someone who just returned after having been away for quite awhile, I have to warn you, as I realized, there are sinners and evil things in protestant churches also. They just don’t make the news


Seriously? Virtue signaling on social media over this?


And i would expect pedophiles to put themselves in positions to be around kids… coaches, teachers, priests & clergy… the real problem is that when you focus on one group, the other ones can go about their business quietly. Scrutiny has to be uniformly leveled against everyone working with kids, Religious or not.


I dont disagree, but I am still not going to trust a heirarchy that has proven time and time again to protect themselves more than children.


I would respectfully submit that the Eucharist as such doesn’t mean much to those that leave. They may assent to the RP but it provides no consolation.


Exactly. I agree.


One guy from the Parish I know well said “I was taught the Eucharist is God by a guy who fondled my nephew” … the trust in the teaching is gone. Thats the saddest part.


The hardest thing for me as an ex-Protestant is realizing there’s no correlation between Christianity being true and producing more moral people.


Well, be careful thinking similar things haven’t happened elsewhere. We recently had a protestant church discover the youth pastor of young children committing sex abuse on children.

Also, if the Catholic church goes down, which it won’t ever completely because Jesus promised it wouldn’t, but, so goes the rest.


Yes. That is very sad


Amen! A thousand times AMEN!

If people leave the church over this I wonder if they are also leaving the schools, universities, military, hospitals, scouts, sports teams, etc?

I’ve had people already ask me how I could convert to Catholicism with all this going on. Sin is all around us. Theses scandals are the result of fallen men. The Scriptures, Tradition and Authority are no less true!

I don’t go to mass because Father so and so is up there. I go to mass because Christ founded a church and commanded that we become a part of the body of Christ through it!

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