Catholic School cooperation with Homeschoolers


Does anybody out there live near a Catholic School that cooperates well with Homeschooling families? My Diocese is taking a hard look at education and I'd like to see a model of how to play well with homeschoolers, like with CYO sports, choir, vocational training, etc.


I would think that your local Homeschool chapter? association? Group?....whatever they are called would have information on what schools have partnerships, or on linking you to other home schoolers so that you can schedule workshops on your own.

I know that back in the fall when I took my daughter to the park, a large group of home schoolers showed up for a soccer game...I guess that is their PE requirement....I really don't know much about home schooling other then it is not for me.

My son attends a private catholic school and will continue to do so through high school. He is currently in the 4th grade.


I think it would vary, but our parish school is great about working with home schoolers!

Of course the children play on the CYO teams, and are able to join the choir, lego league, scouts etc.. But, they will also let home schoolers take classes and participate in special events. There is a home schooled girl on my daughters vball team.

It seems to work well. It's not something advertised, but if you are active in the parish you will find out what is offered.


The Milwaulkee Archdioceses has a "homeschool exemption" for homeschoolers that wish to participate in parish sports, scouts, etc. From talking to parents, it seems to be implemented better in some parishes than others. It really is dependent upon the pastor and the RE director. I think the homeschooler needs to present their religious education material to the pastor or the RE director for a review and once they approve of the instruction, they can give an exemption of the RE class to the homeschooling familes, allowing them to participate in parish programs.


Our school doesn’t limit these options to just homeschoolers… ANYONE enrolled in the parish (public schoolers who are in Religious Education, and homeschoolers) are free to participate in the Catholic Youth League sports, choir, etc…
Although, it’s extremely rare for anyone outside of the parish school to participate in the sports, but they’re certainly allowed to! The choir is about 3/4 from the parish school… and I know there are both public schoolers and homeschoolers in there as well…


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