Catholic school girl who refused headscarf for mosque trip labelled a truant

Briefly, schools over here are subject to OFSTED (Office Standards of Education) which, through its school inspectors, periodically conducts evaluations of schools in line with performance and teaching etc. against a stated quality standard. The “judgment” follows a sliding scale (i.e. areas to improve on and at the extreme, dismissal of the governing body) which is dependent on the severity of the school’s failure to meet standards.

Is that only for private schools? Or for public as well? I believe the school in question in this story is a private school, right?


AH, England. Mandatory Islamic indoctination. Some one asked me why I thought the next great wave of anticatholic persecution should come from England and , Ta Da!

This is a good place for the mother to teach about civil disobedience. Rule one, take the punishment. If you are truant for your religious beliefs, then accept the consequences.

I see no problem with a Catholic going on such a field trip. I see a huge problem with a government that mandates this sort of tripe.

Denominational schools like the one in the article are part of general state schools provision.

A ‘public school’ in the UK is actually a private fee-payer school (it’s historical).

The counterpart to public schools in the US over here is called state schools. Private are called independent schools which are also referred to as public schools.

Generally, state and grant-maintained schools fall under OFSTED. Some independent and faith schools (which can be state, grant-maintained or independent) fall under OFSTED and those who do not, fall within associations similar to OFSTED. The school in question falls under OFSTED.

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