Catholic School Honors Obama Relative

Mt. Carmel Academy, the south side alma mater of James T. Farrell, Donovan McNabb, Mayor Daley’s son and Michelle’s older brother, honored one of its own.

"He’s a ballplayer-turned-bond trader-turned basketball coach, and he has been successful at each, but Craig Robinson is happily resigned to being known as the First Brother-in-Law. His younger sister is Michelle Obama, first lady of the United States and wife of President Barack Obama.

Robinson is the head coach at Oregon State after a successful run as head man at Brown and an apprenticeship as a Northwestern assistant.

Over the weekend he added another line to his résumé: Mt. Carmel High School Hall of Famer. A 1979 graduate of the Southeast Side institution who went on to become a two-time Ivy League player of the year at Princeton, Robinson addressed a crowd of roughly 1,000 students, friends and Mt. Carmel supporters at a school assembly on Friday and captivated them with common-sense wisdom and rhetorical skills that must run in the family.",0,5093683.story

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Good for him. :thumbsup: Does this make President Obama a better president. :shrug:

Probably not, which may be why Beau didn’t post this in the Politics forum.

The Mount Carmel Caravan have often fielded strong sports teams. I’m glad that one of their students and players has gone on to be successful in not one, but two, occupations.

… and of the three gentlemen mentioned, Farrell, McNabb and Robinson were all athletes. What’s odd is that after the ‘Studs Lonigan’ series of novels Farrell, who left Catholicism, became quite notorious in Catholic circles with his books banned in parochial schools. However, as a senior citizen, when Farrell, a south side native, came home to Chicago, he boarded at Mt. Carmel, a Catholic school for men.

The area around Mt. Camel never got really bad and is now on the rebound. My parish sends about five kids to that rigorous school each year. They say that ‘the tassle is worth the hassle’.

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