Catholic school news roundup: Seattle, Charlotte, North Dakota [CWN]

The principal of a Catholic high school has been arrested for setting a fire that severely damaged his school in Dickinson, North Dakota. Thomas Sander, 30, faces felony arson charges, …


This vice principal of a catholic high school will be suing the school because he was fired after he married his partner and it became public knowledge.:shrug:

That refers to the Mark Zmuda / Eastside Catholic controversy. It erupted in December and we’ve had multiple discussion threads about it. The latest news is that he has filed a lawsuit against the school and the Seattle archdiocese. Zmuda is alleging wrongful termination and discrimination.

Just in time for Lent - peace to you too, brother. Well, the world scourged Christ, so why not his Church. Shouldn’t surprise us. Good time to work on your state of grace and forgiveness skills. :wink:

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