Catholic School Says It Can't Meet Demands of Transgender Student


After a girl was admitted to a New Jersey Catholic high school, the school learned she was self-identifying as a boy and ended rescinding her admission.The school met with the student’s parents twice but found it could not accommodate their requirements, seeing that these would go against Catholic beliefs about gender. Some news sources are taking are dim view of the school in their reports on this event, putting the school in the wrong.


New Jersey? I think there might be a 50-50 lawsuit here. :shrug:

Also, I don’t get why parents would condone this (because, clearly, it went on).


A lawsuit over what?


Well that comes as no surprise. Glad I saw this article first. Won’t bother with any others.


The article says, like, six times that the school can’t “meet the demands/requests” of the student and parents…but it never says what these requests are.

What did they request that is so difficult for the school to do?
Just the change on her registration form?



Maybe you could find out from some of the other news sources.

Much to the dismay of some, a private Catholic school does not need to provide anything that anyone desires.


I would imagine those demands have to do with the school treating the girl as if she were a boy - the whole bathroom/locker room schtick comes to mind, among other things. Obviously a Catholic institution that wishes to remain faithful to the Church cannot accommodate those things.

I’m sure there’s a Jesuit school out there willing to enroll her.


Why would an responsible parent send their child to a Catholic school knowing their teachings on transgender issues would be incongruent with the needs of their child.

It makes me wonder if it was done to be able to file a lawsuit and get some financial compensation.




Kinda like the gay couple that ran a Christian baker out of business.


There is no way that a Catholic school would be able to uphold their faith and allow this child to attend school dressed as a boy, to meet the parent’s demand.


There are plenty of great Jesuit schools. You should think twice before posting something so inflammatory.


I can’t imagine why any transgender person would want to attend a Catholic school.
Except for the notoriety, the publicity, and the opportunity to put the school in some sort of politically incorrect light. :rolleyes:


I think that is what this is about. Couple it with what VP candidate Kaine said about the Church accepting same sex marriage in the future. The Church is under attack again


They’ll find something. There’s precedent. “Discrimination,” I’m thinking.


Its a private school. They are allowed to do that. Public schools are different.


Right, right. However, I looked it up, and there are at least a few legal actions one can take against a private school, though none can be related to this case, luckily. They are breach of contract claims, fraud, and negligence. They are further defined on a legal website:


Yes, any business could be sued on the grounds you mentioned and yes, that isn’t the case here. The school is not in the wrong yet the writer seems to be trying to spin it that way. These issues are what Catholic parents do not want for their children.


What precedent is there? It’s a private, not public school.


It isn’t even discrimination in a public school.

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