Catholic school teacher fired for gay wedding

In this post, I mean absolutely no ill will to anyone who is gay or wishes to procure a same-sex wedding, but hasn’t anyone learned already? There’s already a plethora of stories of people in his situation, almost all of which end up the exact bloody same - someone gets fired.

Good. The school needs to defend traditional marriage, as it is a Catholic institution.

Regardless of the gay marriage perspective they will undoubtedly take on this, secularists have no grounds on which to defend this decision, as his contract clearly barred him from marrying his partner.

A breach of contract nullifies the contract.

Even I understand why…on any catholic school website it will say something along the lines of “we are a catholic school and you have to respect our ethos”

So many people these days automatically shout human rights and churches should embrace the change in times…but you are not supposed to change God? :shrug: He doesn’t move with the times!

It is rather startling to think that a Catholic school teacher would think that his employer would have no problem with him formally entering into a same sex ‘marriage,’ which the Church has and will always oppose.

I live in the Philadelphia area, and every single add to teach in a Catholic school that I’ve seen specifically states, “Must be a practicing Catholic.”

Everyone knows homosexual behavior is against the Catholic religion. Probably the dude should have been let go some time ago since he claims that his partner wasn’t a secret.

I agree totally with his firing he had to know that it would happen.

His personal life should be kept private. Did he keep it private? I don’t mean hidden, but private. Or, did he mention it to his students or criticize the church for not allowing him to be married in the church? If he conducted himself properly as a teacher and did not bring his personal life into the classroom, I don’t know think it would be right to fire him. I suspect that there was a spectacle made, either by him or by rumors, and his effectiveness as a teacher was undermined. If he was expected to follow a code of conduct in his personal life, does the church also fire employees who get a divorce? The whole story is not out there and I doubt very much it’s a black or white issue.

Good points.

Marriage is by definition a public affair and not a private one. He did not keep things private. When he kept them in a semi private manner he was cut some slack probably because of the presumption of possible contrition.

Catholic school teachers should be practicing Catholics. If the Catholic schools are not going to actively teach Catholic values, all the time, then why should parents sacrifice to send their children there?

If any teacher is found to be living in an immoral relationship (hterosexual or homosexual) they should be dismissed.

God Bless

I agree that we do not have all the details, and they may complicate matters. So too may the interpretations of a jury or judge. Three years ago an Ohio teacher was fired for getting artificial insemination, which is against Church teaching. Earlier this year, a jury decided that she had been fired because she was pregnant and single, which is a violation of federal law. The teacher was awarded $71,000 in back pay and compensation. She was also awarded $100,000 in punitive damages.

BTW, the Church does not forbid divorce. It forbids remarriage after divorce. I am not sure how often teachers are fired for such a remarriage, but I know it sometimes happens.

I suppose if it’s in their contract that they follow Catholic ethics, they can be fired for violating those ethics.

The concept is not at all foreign to me. In the military, people got in trouble for adultery.

I read this as a response all the time. “Do they fire all the divorcee”. What a silly statement. You do realize that the church allows for civil divorce right? With respect to a sacremental marriage there can be no divorce so that never happens. Now if a teacher tries to marry another person while being married the church does have a problem with that. I know of one teacher who was let go for that exact reason. Of course the media doesn’t pick up a story like that because he was white male and heterosexual.


I applaud the school.

Good for this school. The fella knew exactly what would happen.

Really, I’m getting tired of the media spinning “news stories” that aren’t news-worthy; water’s wet, the sky’s blue, and someone got fired for violating their work contract.

Big whoop-de-whoop.

Did the school know he was in a homosexual relationship?

Did the school know he was in a homosexual relationship?:eek:

Did the school know he was in a homosexual relationship?:cool:

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