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Does anyone know of any Catholic schools in the greater Milwaukee area that are still tuition free?


the only Catholic schools I know of any where in this country that are tuition free or low tuition are those supported by parishes that have introduced a stewardship program that includes tithing.


I know they are few and far between now, but I know some still exist - there are a couple in the midwest that I know of. Thanks for the help!


If you’re looking for one for your family and need to tuition to be low or free, I do have a suggestion: find one with a Scrips program (preferably a generous one). A few of my friends and I started one at our school and many families who participate pay no tuition at all to go to our school.

It is the program in which you purchase gift cards and earn $$ towards your tuition. In our program, our families keep most of the earnings and we take enough just for expenses (paper, printers, printer ribbons, software, shipping, etc.). It’s not uncommon for some schools to require you to earn the first $200 - $400 for the school first, or take half the earnings but honestly even if they do that you can earn quite a bit of your tuition if you get serious about it.


You can try sifting through the Arch Mil website directory of schools here I don’t know if you are looking for elementary school or other so I can’t say specifically.

I’m in a suburb in the Mil Archdiocese, and while my daughters school doesn’t ‘offer’ free tution, we do have financial aid available. We do also have SCRIP as onother poster mentioned, and depending on how much you use it, it can make a big dent in your tuition. Also, often if you are a parish member you can talk to the pastor directly about your financial situation.

I know when I was in grade school and there were a few years where my parents couldn’t afford the tuition even with aid. Rather than have me switch schools, the pastor was kind enough to pay my tuition out of his own pocket:)



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