Catholic Schoolboard pulls "The Golden Compass"

Greg, that’s the first time I’ve heard the “The Golden Compass” is a film that is a based on a book that is anti-Christian, anti-God, and anti-Catholic, and that the author who wrote the story said he “wants to destroy Christianity.”

Well, if your Christian, ask yourself, why go and pay money to see this?

Greg, thanks for the post; very informative.

Do you know which movie company is distributing this film??

And do you notice how one never hears about any moral issues
mentioned on the mainstream secular media??

I almost “died” a few weeks agos watching CBS’s “Sunday” Morning show which had a segment extolling new genetic science that allows parents to discard embryos like fast food wrappers if they embryo has a genetic disease or the parents don’t like the eye color. CBS interviewed some New York University “ethicist” who just couldn’t stop saying how great all this was, and of course the opposing moral view was just barely and vaguely mentioned.

No one else seems to pick up on a lot of these issues except the Christian and Catholic press.

Good question.
It seems to me that a lot of people don’t seem to understand the idea that supporting evil is just about as wrong as committing it.

The Church is trying her best to educate people on this (denying pro-choice politicians communion, condemning those who have anything to do with abortion procedures (refering, offering a ride…), etc…) but some people still don’t get it.

Hopefully the people who plan on supporting this movie aren’t the same ones who are dropping coins into the collection basket at Church. That would be really sad.

You’re welcome.
The US distributor is New Line Cinema
In Canada it’s Alliance Films

A complete listing is found here :

I do. The main reason that I read the paper / watch the news at all anymore is to see how the devil is using the media so that I can anticipate what sort of nonsense I am likely to hear from secular friends and co-workers.

Worse yet is when they do cover a moral issue and give every possible viewpoint / solution but the Christian one.

(and I can just imagine how the moral view was presented)
This is terrifying. I honestly wonder what some of these people are thinking.

I hope that these parents are understanding when their perfect children are unable to accept their defects and decide to have them put down.

That’s true. I’ll often share news stories from Lifesite with the rest of my family to help them realize that we are, in fact, living in an age of censorship.

I firmly believe that the secular media is the devil’s greatest tool. Through it, he can steer our thoughts away from what is good, holy and true and towards everything (and anything) else.

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