Catholic schools to rally outside abortion clinics across the U.S. this Friday

What started out as the dream of a small Catholic High School class in Beloit, Kansas, has turned into a national pro-life event aimed at activating youth to stand against abortion.

This Friday will mark the first Catholic School for Life Rally. Students from St. John’s Catholic High School in Beliot will travel 2½ hours to Wichita for a rally and prayer outside South Wind Women’s Center, the closest abortion clinic to Beliot as a means of education on the reality of abortion. They will be joined by other Catholic High Schools, including Sacred Heart Catholic School in Salina and Kapaun High School in Wichita.

Even Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp, who is a pro-life champion in Washington, D.C., has confirmed that he will attend the Wichita event and will be speaking at the rally.

But the Catholic School for Life Rallies are not confined to Kansas. St. John’s faculty organizer, Andrew Neiwald, has received confirmations that Catholic high schools in Colorado, Nebraska, and South Carolina, will be participating by rallying at abortion clinics in their communities. Some will include prayer, the reading of Bible verses, and even the singing of Christmas Carols at their local abortion sites.

The event has received blessings from Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York and Neiwald has been told that prayers are being offered for the event from as far away as Brazil.

The students hope that this event will spread and become a yearly tradition that will also include students from Protestant schools in the future.

Let us pray that this will spread.

Praise be to God,


demonstrations like these do nothing. Let the kids volunteer/raise money for St. Gabriel’s Project instead.

I know exactly what you are saying, but I feel it does do good, not as much, as you point out, to people who are even considering aborting babies, but for those who are doing the protesting. It is good that these young people understand the sanctity of life, and most importantly, when that life begins!

It does do something. With each year that goes b y more and more schools will get involved thus this will be spread throughout the usa oneday. These kids will oneday be adults themselves will know right from wrong and not do these things. Also who knows maybe a few of these kids will endup being in government and miught be in a posistion to change these laws around.

I’ll take actually helping a mother bring a life into this world over making a political statement any day of the week

i hear ya but best way to educate youth is give them hands on experience working with charities like st. Gabriel’s project rather than allowing them to make a political statement that they really don’t understand since teachers are making them do it.

Let kids aid a mother in actually brining life into this world, that is where the learning and winning of hearts and minds will occur.

You are misguided and wrong. BOTH are important. And I can assure you that since I am constantly active in youth ministry at Catholic Schools and also the public schools, the kids do understand and know and are driving this action. It is no more political than the cause you trumpet.

Prayer, fasting and alms giving; all are important. These demonstrations you are so opposed to are prayer sessions, ministry of presence, not picket lines screaming out political statements. That’s just silly and ignorant to think these events are political.

I agree with you 100% that working with at risk pregnant women is critical, but along with this alms giving there must also be so is prayer and fasting.

To think that fighting abortion on all battle fields is political is just plain silly and self defeating. Go read the Holy Father’s words, all of them on the subject in his newly released Apostolic exhortation “The Joy of the Gospel”.

I’ll pray for your soul dear

kids learn more hands on period. allowing them to build relationships with people in crisis pregnancies > merely praying outside a building where there is usually a fence blocking patients from even seeing the spiritual display.

its like who did more for plague, doctors and priests catering to sick or the clergy who whipped themselves while begging for god’s forgiveness

Honestly, most of the so-called “rally” around abortuaries is simply prayer. Not just prayer for the end of abortion, mind you, but prayer that at least one of the women going into that specific abortuary has a change of heart. Prayer that the workers at the abortuary have a change of heart. And, most importantly, prayer for people in this country (and the world) to become aware of how Satan is spreading his vicious lies. Do we sometimes pray loudly at abortion mills? Yes - but primarily because most abortion mills are close to busy streets - the loudness is so that everyone is able to stay together.

Now - the Gabriel Project also does important work. By helping women in crisis pregnancies, the Gabriel Project allows them to see that abortion is not the only choice that they have. There is a time for prayer, and there is a time for action. However, all actions must be guided by prayer so that we never lose focus of the reason for our action.

How closed can you be to truth? I’m sorry I joined in, you can’t see any perspective but your own; everyone else is wrong.

I’m heading to bed, I’ll say a Hail Mary just for your hardness of heart. Good night.

Well said my friend!:thumbsup:

no one is saying not to pray at all. I just think if you are gonna drag the kiddos out of school then give them the best chance to learn why we catholics are pro-life. A rosary is great but giving the kiddos a chance to interact with real people and actually help bring a baby into this world would do better to win hearts and minds.

At my old school we would always pray to end hunger but our field trips to soup kitichens did more to shape my view on what it meant to be a follower of christ because we actually helped realize what we were praying for.

So now both are important?

We had a lady at church who was heavily into the prolife movement, and I once asked her, in so many words, if it worked. She had pictures of babies that had been saved, because women had changed their minds simply because of the presence of people around, praying and such.

Thanks for letting me know about St. Gabriel’s project! I learn a lot from you guys all the time!

prayer is important, i just dont see the point in praying outside an abortion clinic. It dosent actually stop abortions and it never wins the hearts and minds of anyone who has already made up their decision on abortion.

Now if you really want to teach kids something have them work hands on with the ministry rather than sit on sidelines praying. Hands on work will probably make their prayer life more rich as they began to understand the social problem from real-world experience.

I understand the power of prayer can bring about the miracles from time to time and thats why we should always pray. Tell your friend to keep fighting the good fight, as for st gabriel’s project they are on the front lines of the battle, check em out. they rock

Someone has sold you a bunch of lies. Many women change their minds totally because of the people on the sidewalks praying, you have been misled. Is this the only way we need to work the trenches? Heck no!

St. Gabriell’s project is perfect example of what pope Francis is talking about. We must at all times oppose abortion, but with that come the NEED to reach out and provide for the women and families in the horrible situation which cause them to even think of abortion.

There is need for the kids on their knees on the streets praying and on their feet serving. Babies and mothers will be saved with both actions.

PLease. i would welcome correction. especially if it meant the lives of babies being saved. But where is the evidence that prayer outside an abortion clinic leads to less abortions. Anecdotal aside.

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