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I was recently reading This is Our Faith (3rd Ed. - C. Ripley, 2002) that indicates sending children to non-Catholic schools (including public or private Protestant schools) is considered a sin against the Faith. What exactly does that mean? - the book really doesn’t elaborate on this. Have teachings changed since then (1951 is when this was originally published although it was reprinted in 2002 with additional updates by the publisher)? I’m currently sending my kids to a Lutheran school as there is no Catholic school nearby. Should I now pack up and move to a town that has a Catholic school or choose home-schooling?


I recommend that you read the excellent article “Homeschooling is Not a Crime”, by Jimmy Akin, which appeared in our magazine This Rock December 2003. While it mainly deals with homeschooling, it covers the basics regarding parents’ rights over the education of their children.

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