Catholic Science Writers?

I wonder if anyone can please recommend any Catholic science writers and thinkers for me. I’d be particularly interested in reading books that harmonize biological evolution and Catholicism (or theism in general). But I’d be interested in reading books by Catholic scientists of any discipline.

Thanks in advance!

I also would be grateful for recommended reading in this area. Thank you OP for posing the question and future posters for any information!

Hi there,
You might be interested in reading Fr. Stanley L. Jaki, who has doctorates in both theology and physics. Here is a list of his publications:
Some of his books include *The Savior of Science,**The Origin of Science and the Science of its Origin,**God and the Cosmologists,*The Road of Science and the Ways to God, and Angels, Apes, and Men.
I hope you find his works beneficial and enlightening! It’s wonderful that God has deigned to give us the gifts of theology and science as sisters :).

God bless you and Happy Epiphany,


Great. Thanks, Kyle! Happy Epiphany!

You’re very welcome my friend!

Dr. Stacy Trasancos would be exactly who you’re looking for. She writes on a lot of websites like Strange Notions and just came out with a new book called Particles of Faith, which goes into evolution. I actually had a great conversation with her about polygenism on Facebook. She’s great, and orthodox!

Thanks! Funny enough, I was just looking at some of her articles and an ebook online. Just the kind of thing I was looking for.

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